Any tips for getting a Teppan Edo res?

Hi, long time lurker, first time poster here.

Today was my 60 +10 and i managed to get what i wanted except for Teppan Edo. There’s 7 of us in our group and i prioritised Topolino’s at Teppan Edo’s expense.

I’ll try again tomorrow, but do you have any tips? How many are usually seated at one of the cooking thingies? (Im sure there’s a proper name for them that I’m unaware of!)

Grateful for any advice, and thanks for all the contributions that have made my extended lurk worthwhile :slight_smile:

Try putting in 8. That may be one that doesn’t like odd-numbered parties. You aren’t penalized for the “ghost”.


I’m shocked you couldn’t get it at 60+10, even for a larger group. But @lizzieanne771’s suggestion is a good one.

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I wonder if it’s one of those that doesn’t drop on time, and then they will show up later. I’m sure you have, but don’t forget to set alerts.


Um…that would be a “grill.”
(Couldn’t resist) :clown_face:

I think the grills themselves are Teppan. Yaki, I believe means to grill/broil, thus the term “Teppanyaki” as this style of restaurant, (tho most people just call them “hibachi” places. A Hibachi is a portable open fire grill, but…you know how Americans are. What we say goes (for now, anyway.)

Teri = shine
Yaki = Grill/Broil
Teriyaki pretty much means shiny/broil. Broiled with glistening sauce?

Teppan = Iron cooking “plate”
Yaki = Grill/Broil
Teppanyaki = grilled on an iron surface (Teppan Edo / Benihana)

I’m a complete food nerd behind a keyboard. I find this stuff totally interesting. I can run the categories in all food/drink boards on Jeopardy, but, my brain is generally worthless for more important life skills.


You must be right, because i tried again at 2pm uk time, so 9am EST, and I got my preferred time. Thank you!