Any time FP

Does anyone know if any time FP’s can be used for AS2 or TSMM. I have booked a DVC tour and we get 3 anytime FP. I’m trying to do TP and wanted to know how to use these FPs.

Not sure about the anytime fastpasses, but I’m following this because I’m curious too. We plan to do a DVC tour when we are there in June… Did you call to make a reservation or did you do it online? And will you also get a gift card? Curious too to anyone who has done it how long it will take. I hear 60 to 90 minutes?

My sister and her DH did the DVC tour in April last year. From memory there were two rides the anytime FPs could not be used for - 7DMT and FoP. TSM was included. AS2 and Slinky weren’t open yet, but I would guess that they too would be excluded now, or at least Slinky.

Hopefully someone has some more recent (and more useful) information! :slight_smile:

Adding info for @Juls1020: My sister booked it over the phone from SSR. They did get a gift card which I believe was $150, but don’t hold me to that. We used it for dinner on our last night. The whole thing took just over an hour, and a DVC CM drove us to Studios after.


I went on a tour last June at AKL it was not long maybe 40 min but we had been sent all sorts of info before hand. It was a nice way to explore AKL. This year I called for a tour of WL CC. We will be there 6/26 and we are having dinner at Storybook Dining anyway so two birds = 3 anytime fast passes. I was not offered a gift card but I will check into that. I am thinking of getting a FP for AS2 and then using the anytime FP for TSM. I have no desire of doing SDD (I won’t fit). Also last year TSM was no FP for anyone just before the opening of TSL.

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As funny as funny gets 5 min. after I replied to you I get a call from DVC. They are about 80% sold out at Copper Creak and the price is going up so they asked if I wanted to buy in at the old price. I asked about my tour and was told that someone would call me back in a few minutes.

I received a call back to set up our tour and was told that anytime fast passes won’t work for any ride in TSL. :persevere: I did find out that I will receive 3 anytime FPs and a $25 gift card. I think the gift cards are priced dependent on where you stay. So for me and DW that works out to 6 FPs and $50. If we decline Mouse Keeping we should also get $50 and that will take care of our dinning tipping.

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Can anyone book a DVC Tour or do you have to be selected for it?
My father received an offer for one on our June 2017 trip, but we didn’t do it.
We have another trip coming up at the end of May, but haven’t received any offers for DVC Tours. We are staying at DVC resorts this trip so it seems convenient.

All you need do is call them or go on line and ask for info to be sent to your home.

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If you’re staying at a DVC resort all you have to do is touch the Disney Vacation Club button on your in-room phone. They’ll arrange a time for the tour, along with transportation if you need it. :slight_smile:

Just to add, those buttons may be available at other Disney resorts too, but we always stay DVC so I wouldn’t know lol.

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Thanks! Some follow-up questions:

  • Is there a limit to the number of people in your group that can take the tour? My parents and I want to take the tour. Would all three of us receive the FPs? We do have some interest in buying DVC.

  • Can you tour any DVC resort or do they just do tours at the ones they are currently selling? We would want to tour Boulder Ridge Villas.
    Edit: I think the answer to BRV is no. There is a list of Preview Centers on the website which includes: SSRS, CCV, Poly, AKV-Kidani, BW

  • Are the FPs good for the rest of your stay or do they have to be used the day of the tour?

  • Can the FPs be used at different parks (say use one for BTMRR, TT, Soarin)?

  • Can you use 2 FPs for one ride, example BTMRR 2x? I am guessing you can, but want to confirm.

We had 3 last year me, DW, and DD17 we all got the 3 anytime FPs.

I think they only do certain DVC resorts but right now the only one for sale is CCV all the others are sold out but you can be put on a waiting list for resale from what I gathered. Also CCV is over 80% sold and the price just went up.

The FPs are good for your stay and good at any park and don’t have to be used in one day.

I think they can be used for the same ride but not 100% sure

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This is very helpful, thanks.

We are actually staying at BRV for the bulk of the trip in studio. My mom and I really like the decor of the 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units; we were hoping to see them in person, but not essential.

As far as I’m aware there is no limit on the number of people who get the FPs. DH, myself and DD went along with my sister and her family when they took the tour - we’re already DVC members and have no intention of adding on. We were very upfront about this, but that wasn’t an issue at all and we all got the FPs. :slight_smile:

We have only ever done tours at SSR, which is where the official preview center is (where you can see mockups of current and sometimes upcoming resort rooms) - edited to add: actually, I tell a lie. The first DVC tour we ever did was at the Boardwalk). They also show you around a Grand Villa just across the road from the preview center. Several of the other resorts do have a DVC presence, so I’m sure they could arrange something if you had your heart set on a particular resort.

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AKL is by far our favorite resort and the only place we would want to own because we love the place. I love the rooms at BRV, but the AKV has superior room layout for the 1 and 2 bedroom (Kidani even has an extra bathroom) at lower point values than BRV. Plus, the ability to book the value rooms at AKV is appealing. However, renting seems preferable to owning for us.

We are renting points for our May trip which has worked out really well so far. We did miss out on our first choice (an AKV value studio which I knew was insanely hard to get). We put in our request at David’s 12 months before our check-in date. There was availability when our booking window opened; however, they didn’t have the AKV points to book them so we missed out. It ended up working out fine because we got BRV which as a pull-down for a 5th sleeper so my sister is able to join the trip.

We looked at some resale contracts last summer just to get a ballpark estimate of the costs (using the lowest possible way to buy in). It worked out to be $16.75/point over the life of the contract. We paid $17 per point for our David’s rental (price is $1 more now and ). Renting means access to more home resorts and it is getting increasingly difficult to book anywhere other than your home resort. We like trying new resorts and picking places to stay based on trip type. Examples: long weekend, we want BLT or BW/BC for walking access to parks, more than 5 people: AKV or OKW 2 bedroom villa, trip with my sister: SSRS for walking distance to Disney Springs dining.

I am not a big fan of the new DVC room styles; the modern, generic look. There is nothing wrong with it and I would happily stay in such a room, but nothing about it inspires me to plunk down the money to buy into a new DVC resort.

Do they have a mockup of a Boulder Ridge Villa with the Bambi pillows? My mother is in love with those pillows. Her first question will be “can I purchase the Bambi pillows from the Boulder Ridge Villas?” :grin: