Any summer DAH date predictions?

I am really hoping to do the MK DAH this summer. This winter, all the DAH for MK are on Monday or Thursday. I looked and saw that last summer most were on a Saturday. Right now for July, I have Illuminations planned for our Thursday and then hoping DAH MK will be that Saturday. Any thoughts on this?

I think HS DAH has been scheduled on Saturday?

Is that for summer or is that when HS DAH has been this winter? I’m sure the MK days are affected now that AK and HS also have DAH; it would just be extremely helpful to know when DAH’s will be this summer. I think they are only scheduled through April right now. I’m expecting another price increase as well…

I think DAHs will switch when party season begins but I don’t think we will know until the next release what they will do?