Any suggestions for AK TP

Hey guys! This is our first time going to AK. Could you check out my TP to see if we are missing anything that a 3 and 6 year old might like.

Also, what would be the best way to get from Tusker House to Dinosaur? TP is saying it’s a 12 minute walk, so I’d like to see something cool in that time, if possible.


I think you are missing the link. :slight_smile:

Ha!! I can’t count the numbers of times a week I do that!!

Your plan looks good, but would your kids enjoy the train ride to Conservation Station and the petting zoo? They might also be able to meet Rafiki or Jiminy Cricket there. It takes about an hour to do the round trip and is skippable if you have a petting zoo at home, but I just thought I’d mention it.

I think you have some extra time between the Lion King and your ADR? Maybe more than 30 minutes? Also, what time will the Nemo show start? I think that transition from Dinosaur to Nemo is tight. You may want to try to be at Dinosaur right when the window opens. Finally- WHAT??? No Everest?

Thanks guys!!
Tinker, I hadn’t noticed the extra time between Lion King and ADR…no idea what we’ll do to fill it, but I’ll start looking now :wink: I know that transition between Dino and Nemo is pushing it. We’ll try to head to Dino right after lunch (I just didn’t know how much time to allot for lunch). Finally…my DS6 is a big weenie who wants nothing to do with a giant yeti!
Toby, we just can’t fit the train in :crying_cat_face: I want to leave the park in time to take a break, go to Disney Springs for dinner, and take the monorail loop to see some Christmas decorations. This will be our last night at the parks.

Oooh!!! I think we can pick up a Wilderness Explorer thingy (very technical term :wink: in Africa. Maybe we can do one of those while we wait.

You need to add winged encounters which is not in the planning software. Add it as a “break”

It’s located front and center at tree of life. 1pm, 2pm for sure. I’d hope to walk through it from Tusker to Dinosaur. You must absolutely be there 5 minutes prior. The birds run their own show. If you are confused ask a CM when you first walk in. They will point to the perch where the birds land.

Thanks for the info @MagicMN!!

Dinosaur is a pretty intense ride for kids that age.

Thanks for the suggestion, @manateesmom! My DD3 is sitting that one out. My six (almost seven) year old really wants to ride it. We’ve watched the youtube videos just to be sure :wink: