Any suggestions for 1st day late arrival?


We arrive @ MCO at 3:30pm, taking MCE to SSR. After getting settled in room we'll probably want a grab a bite to eat. Being at SSR we could easily hop over to D'S but I was also hearing good things about Yee Haw Bob's show over at POR. Also want to explore resort and maybe a little pool time. Don't want to waste a park ticket so parks are out. Any suggestions? Oh, we have EMH morning at Epcot the next day so nothing too late. Traveling with DD13 and DW


Personally. I would be real low key. Set up the room. Swim. Explore the resort.

Second chiice would be to go to ds and eat and shop.


We always do Disney Springs our first day and mini golf is also a good time. It's fun but still slow paced so you don't feel like you're vacation is already starting off as "go go go"