Any Schedule for Boat from MK to Wilderness Lodge?

From another post, I read that these boats come approximately every 30 minutes, but does anyone know whether or not they run on a particular schedule (like every hour and half hour)? I’m trying to figure out what time I have to leave MK for a 12:30 Whispering Canyon lunch ADR.

I don’t know if there’s a printed schedule or not, but if it was me, I’d plan to be at the boat dock around 11:30.

That’s what I was thinking, too.

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If you get their early, they may be able to seat you early. Resort TSs (other than Sanaa) are usually the least busy at lunch. “Worst case” is you have time to explore WL - and I can think of many worse options for places that you have to kill time…:slight_smile:

I would definitely get there early and explore the resort, it is lovely! I don’t remember a timetable, but boats seemed to come fairly frequently when we stayed at WL, from what I can remember.

Thank you.