Any rumors on Mama Melrose's availability as SWGE prepares to open?

Hey Liners! I’m curious if anyone “in-the-know” has heard/seen elsewhere any info on any changes with Mama Melrose’s as we near SWGE opening? I know it’s common for restaurants to not release their calendars for ADRs at the 180 mark, but it appears that even the cast members are surprised when I call regularly about it. We’re traveling at the end of Ocotober, so it’s still fairly early. I’m trying to book the Fantasmic Package and I’ll just keep checking frequently. Has anyone else travelling after 10-20-19 had any luck snagging an ADR here? Just thought I’d see if anyone else had heard anything??

This applies to me too - I want Mama Melrose’'s for the Fantasmic package too - for a week later than you. Wondering what’s up.

Is is just Mama Melrose or others? I booked the H&V Fantasmic Pkg for the end of Sept with no problem - i think MM was available as well - but not sure.


Pure speculation here. I wonder if it’s to do with one of the following:

  1. Good time to do a refurbishment, when the SW:GE queue will be snaking past it, making it tough to get to the restaurant

  2. As they announced a new TS for TSL, is this the down side? There have been constant rumours surrounding this and the pizza place nearby, ever since the location of the SW:GE entrance was released really.

  3. Some kind of dining package linked to SW:GE , since they cut the TS from SW:GE itself.


Just Mama Melrose. I was able to book H & V as a back-up.

I have the fantasia dining package with MM booked for the 15th October

Hmmm…well, :sob:, lol!

Not to rub salt in the wounds :grinning: but I also have a reservation for the 16th as well as I’m not sure which day I’m going to go yet. I’m waiting to see if there is any DAH offered at Animal Kingdom and any EMM at MK. I can let you know when I’m going to drop one of my reservations if 15th/16th is when you’ll be there?

I have the package booked for H&V on Oct 31.

Thank you @michelle3806 and @TheProphetPaul! It seems the universe has realigned :roll_eyes:…I was able to change my 10/24 lunch Fantasmic ADR at H & V to Mama Melrose’s this morning. The CM didn’t sound to thrilled that I also had a Fantasmic ADR for breakfast reserved also (which I’ve released)! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@sbbradshaw you might want to continue checking back frequently as I was just able to book it this morning. Best of luck!!!

Thanks - I saw that too - much appreciated!