Any Rumors on AP sales resuming?

Anyone heard any rumors on APs coming back? I’m praying to have them back before my May trip.

Not a thing. Not even a tiny whisper.

Why are they so good at this :expressionless:


I’m especially frustrated because I was chastised on the phone by the CM when I was trying to use the money from my 10 day tickets to go towards AP’s.

sigh you should know it’s just a rumor that the passes will sell out and that there’s no truth to it what so ever. Next time you should just wait until your trip to purchase tickets so you don’t have to have the funds go towards a redemption card.”

I’m not sure when the Incredipass sold out, but I’m glad I got it when I did. DH really enjoyed the redemption card, btw. He loved having all these dinners and the bank account not go down while we were doing it (as it was the money from the three ten day tickets).

I did listen to her for my birthday trip, which the top 2 passes are sold out for Cali and the one left doesn’t cover Saturdays which is the only day DH will be able to spend the full day in the park with us :frowning_face:

I digress, again. I hope they come back for your trip @ifraha

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Phone CMs rarely know all that much, sad to say. Most of the time we know better.