Any recommendations for quiet room in Pop Century?

I checked the lines room finder and in filtering “quiet” and 3 minutes walk to transportation it comes up with nothing!


I just looked and all of building 1 came up. These are preferred rooms though so if you had anything else in your filter that would be a problem. There are no rooms 3 min or less that are not preferred
We were in building 6 - 3rd floor facing the lake and didn’t hear any noise

How long of a walk to the bus?

I don’t remember exactly - but I think about 5 minutes. It certainly wan’t a long walk - try doing the search using the lobby time instead of transportation, you basically walk through it to get to the bus - TP might caculate the time going around the lobby instead of through it - which would be longer - and no one would do LOL

I’ve stayed in the 70’s building 6 facing the lake. Rooms were quiet and very close to classic hall. First and second floors every time. Walked through lobby to get to buses. Always standard rooms.

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Thanks for your input Jennifer. I looked more carefully at building 6 – and came up with room 6313 - which seems like the closest to the center of the complex. It seems as though Touring Plans favors the Upper floors…what do you think?

That looks like a good location. We’ve stayed in 6148 and 6233 in building 6. I think floor is a personal preference but that part of building 6 is really close to Classic Hall. I personally like a lower floor because I can avoid stairs and elevators. When I set up my fax, I use the text they auto populate and make some edits. I take out any connecting rooms in the text. I’ll also pull the text from another room I like and copy and paste it there as well, again taking out connecting rooms. I also add in text in the additional special request section of the fax. I always put in a personal note about how many times I’ve stayed there, why I like Pop Century and then add text that I would love to have a room in Building 6 of the 70’s section, close to Classic Hall, on the first or second floor. By adding that text, the room assigner knows exactly what kind of room I want. I don’t necessarily want the room I’m requesting, I want the building, floor and location. I’ve always gotten my request that way.

I’ve also stayed in the 80’s in room 9104 which was a ground floor standard pool view room, and building 1 of the 50’s on the 3rd floor in a standard pool view room. I prefer bld 6 of 70’s and liked the lower floors better. I heard more noise on the upper floor of the 50’s than I ever did on the ground floors of any building.

We have stayed at Pop several times and have used the room finder to check out rooms we might want. I will say that I don’t always agree with the time to transportation that it lists. Sometimes, it is shorter than what it lists if you don’t go through the lobby first depending on which building you are staying in. I had the same problem with the room finder coming up with nothing due to my filters. So, I would only put in the room type that I was paying for and then look at the different rooms from there, knowing that upper floor is generally quieter.

Good to know. I’m inclined to go with building 6 since I absolutely don’t want to hear pool noise! Do you think the far end of the building might have more noise from pedestrians outside? I really appreciate your advice. I’ve never stayed at a value resort.

We try to avoid the pool noise too. I prefer the far end of the building and actually think that there is less noise from pedestrian traffic. We have stayed in building 6 in the past before the refurbishments.

6148 was an end room and I never heard anyone. The room you chose looks to be near the stairs. Many people won’t take the stairs. You may not end up with the exact room anyway. I’ve stayed an Wilderness Lodge twice and heard more noise there than at Pop.

I’ve heard the same thing about the Deluxe Hotels. It appears that if you stay away from the Main pool at POP the noise whould be tolerable almost anywhere. And of course, not having to walk 15 minutes just to get to a bus is always a good thing!