Any recent stays at Poly DVC? Keurig yet?

Hi, this is more of a hope than a question. Has anyone recently stayed in the Poly DVC rooms? I was curious if they got Keurig’s yet. Trying to put the shopping list together and the pods are so easy.


Are they putting Keurigs in other resorts?

I’m surprised if they are, in light of the decision to eliminate plastic straws and lids. Keurig pods are known to be the most environmentally unfriendly way to make coffee, so it seems like something Disney would avoid doing. (Not that it has stopped us…we still use our Keurig…I’m just surprised they aren’t making the pods using biodegradable material yet!)

I stayed in a new CSR room and there is a Keurig in them.

I stayed at Poly DVC in June 2018 and no Keurig yet. We had a standard 12 cup coffeemaker (Moorea Building).

We use our Keurig, too. But we buy San Francisco Bay k-cups that are biodegradable. I’m pretty happy with the coffee. Nice and strong.

I’m pretty sure that those San Francisco pods are only biodegradable if you actually compost them, if not, they just sit in the landfill as well. There was a lawsuit over that last year and they got nailed for misleading claims.

It doesn’t really bother me if they sit in the landfill. If they are biodegradable, they will break down EVENTUALLY. The bigger concern is the use of plastics which never degrade, and contribute to microplastics in the environment.

Probably the best solution is to switch to the instant coffees/espressos that don’t require packaging at all, or for someone to come up with a better way to distribute single-serve coffee. There are the reusable pods you can use and fill yourself each time, but they are a major headache to actually use.

I misspoke. They are compostable, not biodegradable. They won’t breakdown on their own.

You are correct that a better solution should be found by someone. The whole ease of the pods is what attracts me and the fact that I don’t have to wash the pot everyday. Well atleast I am saving water then!