Any Recent Experiences with Ride Switch at 7DMT where the 2nd parent did not have a FP?

At one point, there were a few reports of guests at 7DMT (and FOP) who were refused RS by CMs at the FP line unless the riders in the second group also had a FP. Any recent experiences?

DS is not tall enough to ride 7DMT so I would use my FP to take DS on Winnie the Pooh while DW and DD ride 7DMT with their FPs. Then I would like to ride 7DMT with RS. From what I understand, that is permitted by the RS rules and most CM’s were allowing it, but I haven’t heard any reports recently.

Not everyone has to have a FPP. Except they don’t get to go “right in” as if they have a FPP. Here’s how that works -

The entire party needs to be present at the attraction to receive the Rider Switch. Those who will be in the second rider party will have their MagicBands or theme park tickets scanned to have the Rider Switch pass added to their account.

The return time they will be given will reflect the attraction’s current wait time minus 10 minutes, and there will be a one hour window of use.

So, if you arrive at 5:00 p.m. and the current wait is 40 minutes, then your Rider Switch will show that the second party may return to experience the attraction between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The Rider Switch will show up in the FastPass+ section of your My Disney Experience account for easy reference. When the second party returns to ride, they will be able to use the FastPass+ queue.

So be aware of how this may effect your plan since the other rider, without FPP, will still have to wait as if they are in the Standby queue.

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Thanks. Those parameters work for us.

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We always had fastpass but they never asked before giving the rider switch to the persons riding second (or twice) There was never a time on our rider switch pass only the date. It was good all day. I think you can only have one at a time though. So I think you could have only the first group have fastpass.

Is this before or after it’s gone digital to MDE?

We were there last week. There is a person with a tablet at the side of the entrance, sometimes further and you just go to this person and say you need a rider switch. They asked us maybe 2 time in 10 days if we had a fastpass but taped the rider switch at the same time. Maybe others had problems with that but we didnt. We even got 40 min late to a mine train fastpass because of a be our guest reservation. They just asked us why we were late and we said the wait at be our guest was long and they just shrugged and let us through. Maybe it depends on the castmember but they are loose most of the time.

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