Any recent experience with SDD near closing time?

I asked DS10 and DD8 what they want to do first on our arrival days and FOP was unanimous. Planning to get to AK by 1:30pm that day, plan FPP 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4, leaving after that. Thinking of hopping to HS that evening for about 2 hours after some swimming/rest, and since I will miss the SDD same day drop times, wondering what it would be like to get in line before park close (9pm close). What is the latest we can get in line and how long would we wait?

It’s not that recent, but I was at Disney in October on Columbus weekend and we waited in line for SDD when HS had an 8pm close. The wait was posted at about 60-70 mins from what I remember, but it took us around 50 minutes and we got in line at 7:30. For you, you will be able to get in line basically up until park close. Unless you are going during a super busy time, the wait should drop to around an hour around park close. I’m also going back to WDW next week for spring break, so I might be able to let you know about a more updated wait time.

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I really want to ride it at night, but couldn’t get a FP, so we are just going to bite the bullet and do standby. I was going to wait until park closing, but I would also like to see the fire works, so we will have to get in line about 30 before sunset and hope for the best.