Any reason to *not* to online check in?

Like, if you do online check in, and God forbid, something happens and you have to reschedule your trip, but you’ve already done your online check in, does that negate your ability to come back at a different time? (We purchased the “I have to reschedule because I can’t find my favorite swimsuit” insurance).

Nope - no reason not to do on-line check-in. It does not change any of your cancellation rights.

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If you want to wait in a long line… Then don’t online check in :wink: heehee

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See? I KNEW there had to be a downside!!! @rachaelmac22 reminded me that I won’t get my favorite part- waiting!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m wondering - and this has been discussed much on forums, on chat, and podcasts - what is anybody’s experience getting offered complimentary, unsolicited upgrades when checking in online vs. checking in at the desk?

From everything I have read, these seems to be no difference in the complimentary “upgrade rate” between checking in on-line vs desk. No hard data or inside information to support this, though…