Any reason *not* to rent DVC points for a BLT studio?

So I mentioned on my main planning thread that I just got a WL reservation for our dates (May 11th-16th). Right now (if it’s gauche to post prices, please do tell me!) Undercover Tourist is quoting me about $4,200 total for the two rooms. (We need two rooms; this trip will not go nearly as smoothly if my dad and my kids have to share space morning, noon, and night.)

So far I’ve looked at DVC-Rental, David’s Vacation Club Rentals, and The DVC Rental Store, and all three are quoting me around $1450-1500 for a studio in BLT. If we got two studios, we’d save a considerable amount and be in a better location for us – I really like the idea of WL and want to stay there someday, but on this trip with the kids it makes more sense to prioritize MK access – the idea of being able to walk back from MK is really appealing. (Or do DHS one morning, return to the hotel by car – I’ll have a car – and walk to MK for the afternoon/evening.)

Is there any reason why this doesn’t work? I know nonrefundability is an issue, so I’d likely try DVC Rental Store first and opt for their “point protection” cancellation insurance. Also I know nobody’s yet actually told me I can get BLT studios, just that if I can get them that’s what I should expect to pay. But given that people seem to be willing to vouch for those three brokers, at least trying to get BLT seems like a good strategy. What am I not considering that I should be?

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I haven’t been yet, but I rented points through DVC for a studio at Beach Club, and so far I’ve had a great experience! I guess there’s always the chance that we’ll show up and they’ll claim to never have heard of us but so far I’ve gotten the room confirmed, added the meal plan, and organized Magical Express seamlessly.

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In theory it’s great. Unfortunately, I just logged in to check availability and it’s only available for 2 of your nights. You would end up waitlisted and most likely not get the 2 rooms. Sorry to say.

The thing with renting is 2 fold. There needs to be room available and owners with points to sell.

For now, keep WL. You will love it! We were just there for 9 nights.

yeah, I figure the risk is pretty high of not getting what I want. When I filled out the request form at DVC Rental Store I put June 1-6 as potential alternate dates, but I’ll probably stick with WL if they can’t fill my original dates. That’s what I get for putting trip planning on hold for two weeks while I dealt with the dog [rueful face].

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The other thing about BLT and needing 2 rooms is you could be floors and wings apart from each other. (may be a good thing? lol) There are 15 floors of rooms and 2 wings.

WL is so great. Boat is convenient to MK.

Fair! :smile: I specified in my request that we don’t need connecting rooms. It’s not a big deal to call my dad in the morning and see if he’s up / has had breakfast yet.

Another thing to consider. The price you were quoted, what category of studio was it for? If standard, you can forget getting that at this short notice. Lake view will be more expensive.

Whatever you do, don’t cancel WL until you have secured the studios.