Any reason NOT to get AP now?

I already know that I am going to upgrade to an AP when I go to WDW in June. There is a 95% chance DH will get one too, but that’s beside the point. I have another trip without DH in July with some of my graduating senior girls that I currently teach. The June trip will be 8 days and the July trip will be 5 days. Both stays are on site.

My question is: is there any reason I should wait until I get down there to upgrade or should I go ahead and change from the 8 day tickets beforehand?

If it matters, the June trip was booked before the price increase earlier this year. This is the part that’s throwing me off. Would I in some way benefit to scanning in at AK (our first day) before I upgrade?

I haven’t bought tickets for July yet. My FPP day for that trip is May 15th and we want to make them at 60 days.

Thanks in advance.

If you want to make Fast Passes for your July trip in May then you’ll need to buy the AP before your June trip. You may save a few dollars just upgrading the June ticket to an AP but you won’t be able to make FastPasses ahead of time for July. There is normally a 7 day limit to number of days of FPPs available for an AP holder but that doesn’t apply if staying on site if I understand correctly.

Upgrade before May 15th so you can make all your fastpasses.

I don’t think there’s any benefit to waiting. Just the opposite.

You’ll be asked to pay the difference, whatever they deem it to be. If you have hoppers on your current passes, that will mitigate some of the difference. And, the type of AP you get will be a factor.

You can’t activate it until you’re there so it doesn’t really matter. But when you arrive I would go to a park guest services ASAP to activate it and start using the benefits.

My mistake. I did not see about the July trip. To get FPP for July she should upgrade now, as you state.

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My mistake I see you are referring to July trip. Sorry!

You are correct that upgrading now will allow those FPP sooner.

So with an AP, if I have an on site reservation, I still get my FPPs at 60 days like everyone else? That’s the part I was throw on. Everything kept saying 7 days worth at 30. Good to know. My June trip’s FPP day is Monday. Should I change to my AP today?


Yes, if you have an on site reservations you can make FPPs at the 60 day mark with an AP (and for the length of your stay–although there is a max of 10 days worth of FPPs with an on site reservation. The 7 days at the 30 day point is if you don’t have an on site reservation).

I HAVE AN AP!!! Hubs still has an 8 day PH but he might be upgrading in June. BUT I HAVE AN AP!!!


So fabulous!!

So an AP limits you to the number of days worth of FPs you can have, even if staying onsite? I didn’t know that.

That’s a bit of a downside; why impose limits on AP holders if they’re staying onsite, I wonder?

I’ve seen people on chat say they’ve been able to get full length of stay (14 days or more) and other say they can only get 10 days. It’s strange.

If you’re onsite, it’s length of stay. I made FPs for 10 days in January on my AP and stay at AKL.

I have never tried to get more than 10 days for one stay because our trips aren’t that long. But I have had trips that were close together and there was a 10 day limit. I went for a week in March and had 7 days of FPPs booked. When I went to book the FPPs for my April trip I could only book for 3 days. Now once I went in March and used a days worth of FPPs I was able to book another day for April trip.

We’ve never had a problem booking more than 10 days worth of FP with our APs. We have 12 days booked at the end of the month, which is a split stay between two DVC resorts. :slight_smile:

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HThis just doesn’t make sense to me. That’s not saying I don’t believe you, btw, just that it’s stupid.

As far as I understand it, the break even point for you guys (as in those of you in the US) is 10 days, as that’s the longest ticket you can get.

Whereas they sell us UKers 14 and 21 day tickets, and we can hold all 21 days of FPs; in fact I guess if you had 2 x 14 day tickets you could book 28 days. Not all at once, we can book the first 14 days at 60 days out, then the next day we can book another day and so-on, the rolling 60 day window. But we can hold FPs for every day of our tickets.

So why do they penalise US AP holders who pay to stay onsite? I can understand the limit for offsite guests per month. It just seems unfair to me.

Edited: just seen @lecras’s reply.

Were both your stays onsite @DreamLaughImagine? I know that there is this limit of 7 days or length of stay, whichever is longer. And if you have an onsite stay it contributes to the 7 day limit, so if it’s longer than 7 days it stops you booking any more for an offsite visit before check-in.

And yet some are insistent that they can’t. Maybe it’s because they’ve got FP booked for a trip before they are onsite, though I’m still not sure that makes sense.

So for my 5 day trip in July, I’m only going to be able to make FPP for 2 days because I already have 8 days booked? What kind of crap is that? I’m staying on site. I’m paying oodles of money to go and now I may not be able to ride the same rides as my friends because my trips are too close together!!!

Yes, they were both onsite stays. I have been a passholder for about 7 years and I guess I have been unlucky because I have only been able to book 10 days total. It actually is rather frustrating now knowing that people have booked more.

I just got off chat with a CM who told me that it was 10 days total and that I have no other choice. I think that’s crap. Crappity Crap Crap Crap.