Any Pictures of Renovated VGF studios?

Has anyone stayed on the floors that are done renovating, particularly studio rooms? I havent seen pictures or video anywhere. Just curious how it looks and if they are almost done with all levels.

One picture here, still looking….

This rendering is all i could find as well. There were some 2 bedroom tours on youtube as well. No studios. I have no reason except that i’m just curious lol.

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Ooh, someone did a room tour of one on Instagram the other day. Let me find it.

Try this link:

That link does not work for me (goes to skiing) ?

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Thanks, I found it by searching @findusinparadise!

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Thanks, they’re beautiful rooms!

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DVC Fan website has some photos/reports as well.

Article with photos/ walkthrough

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Video of the new resort studios:


I’m pretty disappointed to look into this and see that the “resort studios” do not have your typical kitchenette with microwave/toaster/etc. I didn’t realize until a coworker pointed out to me that there were “resort” studios and “deluxe” ones…
points charts are the same for both, but why would they give you less for the same cost of points. Disappointing to see.

If I already owned VGF points I would be so upset. These rooms are a no go for us. We like the kitchenette and the couch. And resale has plummeted because of the current direct price point.

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Yeah those rooms definitely don’t appeal to me now for sure.