Any perks if I book through WDW

Okay - right now for my fingers crossed trip in July, I have a reservation at the B Resort at Disney Springs.

However, given that the easiest way to manage capacity is going to be to restrict parks to guests staying at WDW hotels, I’m going to book a room at All Start Movies in case I need it. The B is a bit of a gray area as to whether or not they will acknowledge it as on property - it gets most but all perks. I also have considered the point that if things remain cancelled, I may get a delightful little perk if I’m actually booked on property.

A couple things that may throw me off the perk:

  1. My tickets are not through WDW so it would be a room only booking, not a package. Did room only bookings get any little perks to use on future bookings when April and May were cancelled?
  2. If room only bookings did get something, did it matter if you booked direct with Disney or if you booked through a third party (looking at a about a $60-70 difference).

Lastly, when cost comparing the two, I’m looking at about a $100-150 different (including resort fees at B). I will not be paying for parking anywhere (no car). Plan on uber in the morning, bus at night. Aside from Magical Express (which could save about $80 in round trip airport uber cost) anything else that could make these two come out basically equal and just commit me to ASM?

When I cancelled my June trip, I was impressed by the speed and efficiency of the process. The money was back in my account within a few days. When I cancelled my June flights, I was told it would take at least three months to see any money.

So I continue to trust Disney and I’m happy to continue to book with them. I no longer trust Virgin Atlantic and will now look at other options next time I’m booking a flight.


The offer they had for people rebooking applied to all onsite stays booked with Disney or a TA, whether room-only or a package. Although you had to book a package to take advantage of it.

I’m not sure if people booked through a third party like Expedia got it too, but I think they did. A DVC stay also counted, so I think any reservation in MDE qualified you to get the offer.

That was the only perk I saw anyone write about. However you might also want to consider what happens if the resorts are open bu the parks aren’t. Or inevitably offering a much reduced experience. If you book with Disney, you can reschedule that with no problems. Booking through a 3rd party might not be so easy. So if you think you would prefer not to go if only MK and DHS are open and there are no fireworks, no parades, no meet & greets, no shows etc. then I would book with Disney for peace of mind.


So after DME you have a $20-70 difference? To me, I would go with Movies. It is newly redone. Bus service back at night is likely to be more reliable with Disney than the off-site bus. Also, I have always been reluctant to stay at the B because of the multiple reviews complaining of mold in their building. With Disney if you have a legitimate problem with your room/resort they can move you elsewhere. At the B you are likely stuck. And that resort fee!


I mean right?! I kind of hate it on principle.

I think the biggest thing is that Disney will not screw you if the pandemic pops back up. Unlike renting DVC points. (I am in that boat and stand to lose $2300 on my July trip if I cancel). You are at the mercy of the folks you rented from. I’ve been so impressed with the way Disney has handled it and given people their money back. Next time I am paying the extra money and booking direct with Disney.


Thanks for the input so far. The vendor I’m considering is Undercover Tourist. Basically it is about $550 to book with them vs $600 to book through Disney.

UT offers a refund through end of June. I’ve bought tickets through them before but haven’t done a room with them? Anyone with experience, particularly if there is experience dealing with a pandemic related cancellation?

The evening bus to the B Resort area was awful the 4 nights we stayed in that area.
Bus stop is further from park entrances than Disney buses stops.
Bus stop is uncovered.
While waiting for the bus to that area you get to watch several Disney buses come, load, and leave, cuz Disney puts extra buses in operation.

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Well doesn’t that just sound delightful (one more tally for the all star movies)

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