Any patterns to Disney's revisions of park hours?

Lately Disney has been publishing opening hours for its parks about two months out. (Right now, the furthest out they’ve published is April 23.)

Question: How common is it for Disney to revise park hours after they’re published? When they do revise previously published hours, how close to the date is it usually (2 weeks before, 5 days before, the day before, etc.)?

Months ago, Touring Plans had been predicting some late closings (9:00p, 10:00p) for Animal Kingdom in early April when I’ll be there. But when Disney got around to publishing the hours for those dates, they were all 7:00p closings. At that time of the year, that’s well before sunset, which means no nighttime Pandora, no Tree Awakenings—I was really looking forward to those!


Pretty common for hours to change after they are published.

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Thanks for the link!

So in this case, Disney announced the changed hours on a Friday (today), a little more than 2 weeks before the first day of the changes (Feb 27), and the changes covered a 1-week period (Feb 27 thru Mar 5). I wonder if that’s a typical drop?

Perhaps I could anticipate another announcement next Friday which would cover the week from Mar 6 thru 12? Or is it more random than that?

It has been Fridays and they have been updating a week at a time. Last Friday they updated the hours for my President’s week trip.


Often on a Friday, but it can also happen on other days. For instance, just 3 days ago, Tuesday 2/8, hours were increased for various parks on some of the days Feb 20-26. It’s not unheard of for hours to change the day of (or day before), but more rare.

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Good to know, thanks!

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I remember when they extended “day of” several years ago when we were there in February. I found out about it on the Touring Plans chat feature.

I impressed my family for sure.

Scroll down to WDW Planning Tools, then WDW Chat.


If you are in the park and hours are extended should should get an alert through MDE. The reports on chat are generally reporting those alerts.