Any one miss the "old" chat?

Just curious as I go back every few days, does anyone even miss the old chat? I have to admit that I like this one much better! Hats off to @lentesta and @laurelstewart.

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I go back and forth between the 2 I like both

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I like them both for different reasons but find myself here a LOT more than there. It actually seems quieter and more slow moving over there now that most people are getting used to the forum.

I am back and forth on both. I use my phone. Getting used to forum.

I prefer the other chat but there is hardly any one there. I cant access the forum on my phone.


Trying to get use to the forum. There are some things that I like and some things that I really don't. But yes, I do miss the old chat. I am having a hard time feeling like this is the same community. Just doesn't feel the same. Hopefully, that will change in time.



I miss the old chat. I used to check chat on my phone 3-4 times per day and I might come here once a week. So then I feel so behind that I don't spend much time when I do come. Maybe when I book my 2016 trip I will come back to catch up.


Nope. Trying to read messages there is like reading from a teletype or telegram. I like complete sentences, actual words, and a complete set of vowels.


No.. the old "chat" was a hot mess.


I agree! The ability to type in complete sentences makes up for any shortcomings. I do still check on 'old chat' a few times a day, but I spend a lot more time here.


I agree too. Full sentences are awesome. As is the like button and the notifications. When I am on my phone I will go over to chat because reading the forum is challenging on my phone (but I can do it in a pinch).


Over the past week, about 1/3rd of the chat volume has migrated over to the forums. I haven't read every post on the forums, but I think a lot of that comes from folks identifying the forums as a better platform for the kind of discussion their question needs.

A few other stats, taken from pre-forum July (July 1-14) and post-forum July (July 21-present):

Posts that got 0 responses in Chat, pre-forums: 9.2%
post-forums: 7.9%

So that's a good trend. Some of that probably has to do with the lower volume, since posts are less likely to slide off the front page.

We're also looking at a couple of suggestions to help lower the DB usage of lines chat, which will extend its life without using up more resources. Assuming that happens, I'm willing to have a discussion about keeping both forums and Lines chat around, with no artificial restrictions on which topics go where. It'd be up to the community to decide which platform is better for the thing they want to discuss.


Which forum over here is most like the old chat?

Probably LaCava.

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Honestly was very resistant to the change. But, I know prefer the Forum. Thinking some of my initial response was (red faced here) a resistance to change. Thinking I should have stayed quiet at first, tried the Forum for a bit, and then commented.

I wonder if the Forum should have a 'in park now, need help' tag? I know Chat is supposed to be for that but I'd now much prefer one place (instead of two) to interact w Liners.

Again, probably an outlier, but I wouldn't miss chat if it were to disappear. I would love to see a Forum interface on the Lines App. Replacing chat?

Anyway, @Lentesta I was wrong. Great work so far on the Forum and I'm a convert.


It's normal for people to be resistant to change. Hopefully all of our liners give the forums a chance and realize the benefits of it.

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Totally. Preaching to the choir here. Somehow have to convince the non-converts in Chat to give it a try. Again, wondering if simply making a Forum interface on the Lines app (assuming many on Chat use that service via the app) could bring still more converts to the Forum. Seems social engineering is an aspect of the problem

I like the forum a lot. I haven't had to much trouble figuring it out, and I like the format. It's excellent for providing fully-detailed, non-repeating answers to common questions. It's also nice to have the shenanigans off to the side. I'm all for free speech, but prefer having the option to join in or avoid as I wish. It keeps all the actual Disney discussions on topic.

I do find myself holding back a bit though. I have questions that I want to ask, but they seem too trivial for the forum. I think that vague feeling will fall by the wayside when more people start asking their questions or starting discussions about their trips. If everyone sees that they are allowed to start new threads, and that many of the "old guard" are around to respond, then that would go a long way towards making it feel like home.


Did you just call @mdu old? LOL