Any news on new mk welcome show?

How was the show? How did it affect early ADRs? How did it effect lines at rides??

I just saw on Kenny The Pirate’s FB page that he was NOT impressed. I never got to see the other one, so I guess it won’t make a difference to me. But I hope it doesn’t stink.

There is a lot of talk over on the in park boards about it. There was also a link to the video of it. It is much shorter and not much singing/dancing like before. Was less than 5 minutes. People say they were allowed in at 8 am and allowed to stroll main street. Said it was pretty vacant at that point. People were being directed in one line back to ADRs. The person said on lines that they were in line for 7dmt by 9:02.

I’m curious to see what people think of this. We have BOG pre-RD reservations and now, like everybody, trying to decide if there’s any value to spending $100 on breakfast. Definitely looking forward to hearing from people who are there!

@natalie.lawy we have pre RD bog booked as well coming up. I think we are planning to keep it. If they don’t open the hub till 9 am which is what they did today we should still be at the front for 7DMT.

Also we share meals at bog. Last time I we ordered just two adult meals and shared with our 3 kids. With pastry tray it’s more than enough. That way we pay between 40-50$ instead of $100. Hope that helps someone.

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I wish we could feed our kids off our plates! I do understand why my friends with light eaters for kids worry about food intake and feel jealous of my kids’ appetites, but their kids are all growing up just fine and my kids COST A FORTUNE TO FEED. I have no idea where they put it.

I’m honestly wondering if we’d enjoy spending some time on Main Street more than the breakfast. It could be quite pleasant. We have 9:30am 7DMT FP anyway, and our TP has enchanted tales first. I was mostly looking forward to an empty park.

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So, will the prevailing advice be to make it to MK an hour before and peruse the shops/get a good spot to watch the show and get to your first ride?

I can’t remember - are there breakfast options on Main Street or are they limited to Starbucks and any candy in the shops?

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Casey’s is now offering a limited breakfast menu, starting at 8am.


Maybe I’m just old and callous, but I never understood what people saw in the old welcome show, and why people would go out of their way to see it. For me, it was, at best, a diversion to take my mind off of the fact that I 'd already been standing in line for 30 and still had another 10 to go before that park opened. I MUCH prefer the return to the “old way” where you could go into the shops on MS while you waited for the park to open.


I certainly agree with the concept of letting people in and holding them at the hub to alleviate congestion, allow for pre-RD shopping, etc.

But from all indications, the “welcome show” falls flat. You can still keep it short and make it interesting, though early reviews indicate that second part of that isn’t happening.

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For me the welcome show was mostly a filler and built the excitement to get in. I was always at the tunnel entrance. But i did enjoy it. It did bring pixie dust. Mostly because it was like okay its almost time. I am so happy. And the good morning song helped wake and rev me up for the determined walk to the first ride.

I like the idea of being in the hub. Now i can enjoy main street a little more.

The new show is flat. Also really needs the countdown.

How does this new opening interact with the Extra Magic Hour? Will Main Street be open from 7am if EMH starts at 8am and then the park opens properly at 9am?

The speculation I’ve seen on blogs is that Main Street will open at 8am for 9am open, and on-site guests will be able to enter at this time (or maybe slightly earlier) and be directed to a special entry to access rides that are open. So on-site guests won’t get more time on Main Street than the general public.

OK so here’s what I’m wondering. I had my TP’s all set up with an early BOG breakfast reservation. We’re considering dropping it now in favour of chilling out on Main Street, which I actually think sounds quite nice. But when I remove BOG from my TP and hit evaluate, I wind up behind by one attraction all day and it’s messing with my FP’s a bit. Our plan starts at Enchanted Tales; when I optimize without BOG it still suggests that as our first stop. How fast do people think we can make it to ETWB with the new opening procedures, if I drop BOG?

ETA: I tinkered with my TP a bit more and got everything to fit comfortably. So never mind!

Does anyone know if they will let you go on and check out assistive equipment from guest relations while you wait? Is it just the shops and restaurants that are open during that hour or is guest relations too?