Any News on AP Extensions?

I have a trip on 7/27 that I will hopefully be able to take. I also have an AP that is set to expire on 7/8, but obviously be extended. With this new park reservation system, I’m starting to get a little nervous that my pass will not be extended before I’m able to make reservation for parks. The AP services didn’t really have any info to offer me about this conundrum, just that passes will be extended. Anyone heard anything else about this?

As far as I know nothing else has been released. The lack of information is incredibly frustrating.

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Agreed. I’m finally starting not to feel like my trip is totally doomed and I’ll have a place to stay, but now I’m worried that I’ll miss out on park reservations if my passes aren’t extended in time. And they can’t give me any reassurances. I’m beyond frustrated.

I’ve been checking periodically on My Disney Experience to see if my expiration date has been updated/changed on my AP but nothing yet. Mine doesn’t exp until Dec. but I’m curious to see how many days will be added.

Based on this:

at least in Shanghai Disney is not considering the parks “open,” for the purposes of AP extensions, during the period in which you have to make a reservation to enter the parks.

If they do the same at WDW (no idea if they will), that means that Disney won’t know how long to extend the AP out until the reservations-required period ends. But you’d think they’d have to have some kind of solution for people in your situation, @meatsquatch78!


They should either leave them temporarily activated indefinitely or extend them 4 months now and add on again later when they have an official end-of-extension date. But they do need to do something before park reservations open or there will be many loyal customers who are incensed. Mine currently “expires” in the middle of my upcoming trip.

Here’s something on AP extensions:

I have AP’s that expire mid November. At the end of May I elected to have my monthly AP payment paused until the parks reopened. Once parks reopened, my monthly payment would resume and our AP’s were supposed to be extended by the number of days the parks were closed. Disney didn’t refund my 3/25 payment until 5/28. And now on 6/1 they charged me credit card the monthly payment even though the parks don’t reopen until July. AP’s still show an expiration date of mid November. What the heck?!

I had a trip planned for the first week of July (before they extended the closure) and had to pick FP’s in the first week of May. My AP’s “expire” on 6/27. On my FP 60-day window opening, the system would not allow me to select FP’s because I had no valid tickets (AP’s would have expired). The workaround was that I called the internet help desk and they passed me through to the AP line. A very nice CM was able to help me by adding a key code to my account which opened up my week for me and that enabled me to pick FP’s. I am guessing something like that will happen for park reservations if the AP deadline has not yet been extended in the system (at least I hope so because I moved our trip to August!) But be prepared to act quickly in calling when reservations open!

I’m an AP holder that has an expiration date of June 27, 2020. We have a trip planned last week of July 2020. My FPP selection day was the day after WDW announced re-opening at the Task Force Meeting.

I had to get a Fast Pass Planning Key Card added to our accounts on MDE. I imagine they can use something similar.


Almost my exact scenario. I also got a placeholder put on my account to allow for fastpasses, but never got to use it since they stopped fp. I guess my worry is that according to that DFB article someone posted above, guest services can’t do something similar with the extensions at this point. Makes me worry that until the extension is actually completed by whoever, those of us in this situation will just be out of luck and possibly miss the window for park reservations for our trip. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

The folks at WDW are aware of this AP expiration date problem (and probably 1,001 more problems just like it).

It has been two weeks since the re-opening announcement, and as of today(6/10/20) still another 31 days till MK and AK re-open.

I am hoping :crossed_fingers: that they are finalizing the grand plan that addresses and solves all 1,002 problems at once without a glitch.

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I just talked to a CM about 30 minutes ago who stated that the number of days that will be added on as AP extensions will be “around 100 days”. She said they were not allowed to give an exact number because their planned reopening date is 7/11 but there are things that could happen between now and then that could potentially delay the reopening. That statement makes me think that they will not move forward on updating the extensions until after they have actually reopened.


I want to no what there plan is for out of country AP holders. Kinda hard to go if the US won’t let me in :grimacing: But the second they do (hoping for September) I’m there!

Well, I emailed VIP Passholder Services to ask about this problem again. They gave me a canned response at first, so I pushed back and this is what I was told this:

You will likely not be able to register for a Theme Park until your Annual Pass is active. That may happen in 3 ways. 1) You renew your Annual Pass 2) The system may add the days to your account prior to the Theme Parks reopening or 3) You may have to call the V.I.Passholder Help Desk to see how they can help.

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No news on AP extensions but WDW says Thank You, look for the email

Yeah, I got the email today.

I never get the emails :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Would be nice to have some real info.

I’ll share the email w/ you :wink:

Dear Valued Passholder,
Soon it’ll be time to return to the enchantment. To laugh. To wish. To dream. To once again sing along with a small world. Journey to a galaxy far, far away. Conquer Everest. And sail through a Frozen land.
But first, we wanted to offer our most sincere thanks. For your patience. For your trust. For always keeping the magic in your hearts. And for being some of our most cherished fans.
As we adjust to these unprecedented times, the Theme Park experience will understandably be different from what it was when you last visited. At least for the time being. But one very important thing will remain the same: the magic will still be there. And we could all use some of that!
Thanks again. For everything.
We’ll be sure to stay in touch. Sincerely, Your Walt Disney World Resort Family

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Interesting things reported here:

and here (AP previews, although I didn’t get this email ;( ):