Any news on a Night time parade?

Has there been any rumor about a night time parade or some other night entertainment coming back to MK?

I honestly do not think MK could handle a night time parade with the HEA crowds.

I am beyond devastated that the Electric Light Parade is gone. If anyone ever has the chance to go to Cali, you gotta check out Paint The Night, it’s so much fun.

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Just be sure to wait for it to arrive at Pixar Pier this summer… since it’s not running right now!

Agree, though, Paint the Night is excellent. When can we do this again?

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Are the crowds really that insane?

Most night- yes. During party season it boarders ion dangerous some nights.

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There are plans for a new parade for the 50th Anniversary (2021). At this time, no plans for anything sooner.

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Booo. :frowning:

Thanks though.