Any new info on Moana M&G?

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any info on her. It’s really odd that WDW hasn’t capitalized on all of the movie’s fame. I was really hoping by the time we visit in November that she would be back. Besides a little gift shop at the Poly, it’s kind of disappointing :confused:

She is currently meeting during the Halloween parties, maybe she will also be at the Christmas parties in November?

That stinks, we aren’t bothering with the parties since the kids totally collapse at 8pm. No matter how hard we’ve pushed it they never make the fireworks!

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And with her at the Party, here line can eat a considerable amount of your party time. We tried and the CM said it would Easily be over an hour, and there would be a during the fireworks on top of that.

I SO wish we could have met Moana while we were there a week ago. We love that movie so much. My kids were scouring the parks for more Moana merchandise too. We only found a pittance of items at one gift shop in Adventureland.

My son would LOVE to meet Maui.

Oh mine too. My 7 yr old macho boy adores him.

Yes! We love him as well. Almost more, I mean “breathe it in…” :slight_smile: