Any new/different advice for Jedi Training Academy?

Our trip is in about 3 weeks (during the busy holiday weeks) and I’m trying to finalize my TP for HS. Seems that out of all of the parks, this is the one I’m struggling with the most. My DD10 really wants to do the JTA and I realize that this means that I have to be flexible with my plan since we don’t know which (if any) show we’ll fit into.

We plan to be at rope drop and head directly to the sign up. Can someone who’s done this recently please confirm the location and best route/plan? Also, I’m considering sending dad to Toy Story to get in line while DD and I wait to sign up for JTA (which I estimate will take about an hour, right?). Is this a decent strategy?

Please share your suggestions with me! All advice is appreciated. I’m especially interested in hearing from folks who have been to HS recently and experienced the new Star Wars stuff.

A friend of mine at Fairy Tale Concierge just posted this

How to sign up your child @waltdisneyworld for ‪#‎Jeditraining‬
Since the Jedi Training has been revamped, updated and reopened in early December, there is a new location to sign your child up for the show. The sign up area is located at Indiana Jones Adventurers Outpost store, just beyond the 50’s Prime time restaurant. Register your child to the show of your choice, based on availability.
As always, if this is something your child wants to do, I recommend getting to Disney’s Hollywood Studios at rope drop, or opening and head directly back to the Outpost store to sign up. Sign ups are typically completed before 9:45 am with a 9:00 am park opening. Your child MUST be present to sign up and Disney requests that the child be between 4 and 12 years of age.
Then, you will all return at your selected time, to the ABC Sound Studio for your child’s Jedi Training!


Since you asked I would say that if I was standing in that line I would be upset. It most likely will take you at least 20-30 minutes to sign up and then walk to TSMM, you would be trying to get through the whole line.

You’re right. I hadn’t considered that.
We’re from California and all of our experience with TSMM is from California Adventure where most of the line is outside (and easily accessible) and once we had to take a kid and grandma to the bathroom and had no trouble slipping in and out of line.

Taking a kid to the bathroom is different than getting in line without your whole party to start.

I agree and am sorry that I even thought about it.

Since I’m going at Christmas time, I’m so stressed out about the crowd level, Star Wars mania (the film will have been out for only a few days before we get there), and our desire to squeeze so much into one day that I didn’t even think about “the right thing to do.”

My husband will be happy to sleep in for an extra hour and can meet us at HS after we sign up for JTA.
Thanks @davidtyost for the updated information!

Just chilll. Know that it will be busy and you won’t be able to do everything you may want to due to the crowds. I am not of the ilk that we go, do what we can and try to relax a bit. We will ride and do what we can and not get upset about things

I have the same concerns for when we are there in February. All of my TPs for our trip look marvelous, but the HS one is so up in the air, it is stressing me out. We have an 8am ADR for H&V, but depending on who I talk to, it seems like even this won’t help me get to the head of that JTA line. I have three sons who are dying to do JTA, so I guess this is the day I go nutty for their sake! Of course, as @davidtyost has mentioned, I will try to keep expectations in check. But easier said than done!

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