Any MVMCP touring tricks? Help!

Has anyone that has gone to a MVMCP before have ideas of how to handle to the party. We have 2 kids (6,8) . I’m sure they will love everything! Characters like the 7dwarfs would be a bonus. I’m just trying to figure out the best way to see parade, wishes, shows, snow on main street , get all the free snacks/cookies, and castle lighting!!! Too much fun, NO plan yet and not enough time!

If you haven’t already, might want to take a peek at the Christmas Party Touring Plan for Parents (focus on Activities) on this page:

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My only advice is get to parades early if you want a front row seat. Crowds of people were sitting down in spots about an hour before the parade was scheduled on the 9th in front of Casey’s Corner/on Main St.

This kind of staking out is not necessary if you view in Frontierland. :wink:


Are u able to see the "snow " any other time than the parade on Main Street?

No, I don’t think so.

The two times we went it was “snowing” on Main Street for the whole party, not just the parades. However, things may have changed.

Hopefully u can see it during the whole party :tada:. That would be something to see ! I would be so sad if my kids missed out