Any must-do Disney Springs locations with kids?

I hadn’t previously planned on time at DS, but now it looks we’ll likely have an evening there. What’s the best restaurant options for kids? (DS5 and DD8)

Other than the huge Disney Store, the lego store, and the star wars store, are there any places we really MUST see? Are there any play areas for the kids to hang for a bit? I’m not looking for major activities, just places to stop as we walk through.


I’m thinking that kids would like the dining at T-REX or Rainforest Cafe. There’s an old fashioned carousel ride for something quick to do. I don’t remember seeing any types of play areas.

My kids also liked TRex. My DD9 (at the time) LOVED Earl of Sandwich. There is a sand play area in TRex. There is a fountain area (or at least, there was in June 2015 - a lot has changed recently) where they can run around in the water (so bring extra dry clothes if you think they’ll do that). Also, the lego store has areas where they can play and not just shop. My kids also love the candy store, and just walking around looking at all of the different sights - lego sculptures, sculptures of Disney characters and murals that they wanted to take pictures of, etc. We also enjoyed the Christmas store, but maybe that was just the novelty of getting to look at Christmas stuff in June.