Any musings about why Genie + isn't at DLR yet?

So I was at DLR last weekend and I have to say not having FP or Genie + was super annoying. I know I am spoiled as I get to go several times a year, and I also know I need to work on my patience, but seriously. The crowds were listed as 3 to 5 throughout our stay and we followed a touring plan, but we were still stuck waiting on too many things for too long. I am used to making a plan, getting FP’s as needed, or using MaxPass when it was a thing.

This trip I felt kind of helpless, like no matter what plans I made (and I’m a spreadsheet-loving girl) we were going to be stuck waiting for things. And we were two grown adults who could also partake in a margarita to make the time go faster… trying to entertain little kids in all those lines would have been horrid!

So I’m wondering what the hold-up is for Genie+ at DLR and if there are any rumors out there. I’m sure the powers that be are looking at all the WDW criticism… but what will they do? Revamp everything for DLR? Bring back MaxPass and just call it Genie+? Delay indefinitely? Curious what you all think. Their website hasn’t been updated in months and still says that Genie is “coming this fall…”

I can only imagine the holidays and big crowds will be extra crazy without any sort of system in place.


Your guess is as good as anyone’s! I suspect they are just taking their time figuring it all out. There’s really no need to rush - things are working fine without it and guests keep cramming in. But I do believe they will add it eventually, probably by the end of this year or maybe January. We could get an announcement any day.

speculation is that with RoR moving to standby queue on 11/22, Genie+ will not be far behind. Similar to what happened at WDW. I am hoping so as I will be in those “extra crazy“ holiday crowds and I have been stalking the WDW tip boards on how to use Genie+ to get prepared lol

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I’m hoping too. I need it Dec 8th please and thank you (but TP says that’ll be a 2 in crowds but ya never know)

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We will be there the entire week of Christmas and I am scared of this exact thing. Not having fast passes when the park is sold out of reservations is terrifying!!

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Just for fun I took a look at when RoR went to standby at DisneyWorld, when Genie+ was announced with a specific date, and when it actually came to the parks. Then used those dates to make an estimate for DLR since RoR went standby today. Here’s what I got:

09/23 - RoR WDW moves to standby
10/08 - G+ is announced for a specific date
10/19 - G+ arrives at WDW

11/22 - RoR DLR moves to standby
12/07?? - G+ date announcement
12/18?? - G+ guesstimate arrival at DLR

Of course they rolled out G+ on a Tuesday at WDW so not really sure 12/18 being a Saturday crowd 8 day in DLR park would be feasible. Really would be smarter of them to do it the first or second week in December when crowds are low and they can get a handle on the system. Technically the last day of fall is December 20, and all they’ve given us so far is “coming this fall“ so I guess they could push it to the last day lol

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