Any more news on RoL? Any how is coming in January?

Just wishing that maybe some pixie dust will fall. I really wanted to see this show on our trip.

All Disney is saying is “2017”. There are a few who think Jan/Feb could be a possibility, Spring/Summer, sadly, seems more likely.

I’m leaning toward it won’t be ready for Jan, since the park hours are only till 7:30 for AK.

I’m inclined to agree with you. The previews went well - it seems that they got the nav issues for the major floats worked out - but by most accounts, it still needs work on the details. The promised “100 floating lanterns” have not been worked in yet, and there were some fountain and fire issues that still needed resolving. Personally, I’m leaning toward “Spring”; that will give it its “own” premiere, and will be established when the crush of people start going to AK right after Pandora opens.