Any Moana updates?

leaving Friday for WDW :smile: and was wondering if anyone heard if Moana would be anywhere now that the holiday parties are over. my daughter loves her!

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There was no word about a meet and greet with her during our recent trip (just returned today). Such a bummer because she is a favorite character for our family.

Nothing currently, which is a bummer for us Moana-lovers here at my home, and for the family behind us in the Anna & Elsa line who had two girls dressed as Moana.

I heard rumors that the area at the entrance to Adventure land (across from Crystal Palace) is being prepped for a Moana meeting spot. That would be great! There certainly is demand for it.

I’ve heard that too… but then I heard that’s where the upcoming Club 33 is coming to MK. Have you seen that @starfrenzy?

Yes, the DSNY Newscast on YouTube recently mentioned that it could be a Club 33 spot.

Too early to tell, I guess!

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