Any MM shares for December?

Im going for 4 days 12/7 - 12/10 with my 2 daughters and would love to go in on a MM share if anyone has a spot open. Hard to justify the full $200 for us. If someone has a spot open could you email me @

If you’re not already, I would suggest joining the Disney Memory Maker Share Group on Facebook. That’s where I ended up finding my group. I’m pretty sure our leader was also a liner or part of the liners Facebook page. Good luck!

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Lol, this may sound dumb but would you care to share the steps in doing that? I am facebook illiterate. I do have a facebook account but i generally log in once a year to reply to people who wish me a happy birthday.

Just type it into the search bar at the top. When it comes up just request to join the group. I think it asks a question about when your trip is to be approved to join the group. You will usually be accepted pretty soon.

Thanks. I’ll give it a whirl. In the meantime if anything opens up around here keep me in mind

Found a group via facebook who invited me in. Thanks for the info. Person leading it seems to be having a problem linking my guests. Says she can link me but my family is not showing up. She said she didnt have this issue with the others she invited. Anything maybe im doing wrong anyone can think of?