Any live boo bash trip reports happening tonight?

Just what we expected it to be.

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This is the DFB thread you want - she has screengrabs of wait times from every 30 minutes of BB.

Basically everything other than SDMT and PPF were rideable in less than 20 minutes at some point throughout the night. Lines were predictably longer at the start of the event than towards the end, with the exception of HM.


I think the real question is - did the trend of Disney’s posted wait time being inflated 20-50% hold true during BB? Because if it did, it means basically everything was a walk on all night, except for a handful that still had much shorter waits than usual.

It doesn’t sound like things were a walk-on though. Anecdotally.

Yeah on the ground reports I’ve read were that waits were actually in the 5-20 minute range.

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[quote=“melcort10, post:18, topic:80130, full:true”] I have heard that at previous DAH everything was a walk on.

The only wait we had during both DAH events I attended was for 7DMT. It was probably 20-30 min.

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Ok. So let’s guess at an average “time per ride” of 25 minutes (15 minute wait, 5 minute ride, 5 minute walk to next standby queue)…that means you can effectively get in about 7 rides during Boo Bash if you really focus on that instead of cavalcades and food.

If you add in the 7p entry and focus on low-wait rides, then that’s probably getting you up to about 3-4 more before the “official” start.

I would say that if you’re planning on entering at 7, keep an eye on those reports of Boo Bash guests getting to use the FP lines before official event. You might be able to “FP” a couple of the high wait rides and knock them out in advance.

That’s actually a great point. Currently, my plan for BB is to enter and turn left, and attempt to knock out POTC, JC, MCA, and BTMR before the event officially starts/while day guests are distracted by HEA. But if BB gets to use fast pass queue, then I think it would actually make more sense to go straight to SDMT and PPF FIRST, then try to circle back around.

I think that’s exactly the right strategy if they keep the FP+ bit. And probably a reason for non party-goers to avoid MK on party days.

if event-guests can use the FP lines prior to official start time, I’m less annoyed by the fact that there’s a 20 minute wait for anything during the actual event. Cause once the “festivities” actually start, I’d be less focused on rides anyway.

But I’m still not happy with seeing a 25 minute wait for anything. I’ve done a few DAHs in the past and NOTHING was more than a 10 minute wait (and that was 7DMT and even that was super rare ).

The “waits were ok” mindset sounds like the Disney-Stockholm Syndrome setting in :rofl: Given the time limit, the distractions happening during, AND the cost… I don’t find these waits “ok” in any respect comparative to previous parties or DAHs.


If this was a true DAH, I’d agree with you. But it’s not.

Fyi Christmas version of Boo Bash announced to go on sale this month.
(Ugh. It keeps posting before I’m done.)
The rumor is that they will drop this coming Monday. But that seems weird since we don’t have dates confirmed yet.


I think we always knew they would go on sale in August. Is this new info somewhere? We are definitely waiting on dates AND prices! (This is longer than the Boo Bash and contains fireworks = $$$)

No sorry, it was being stupid and glitchy for me. I was trying to say that supposedly the tickets are going on sale Monday. But I don’t know how much truth there is to that.
We’ve known it was August for a while, but we didn’t know WHEN in August.

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They are going to drop sales or drop dates/pricing?

For Halloween we had a couple of weeks’ notice

I need to know this - I have a list going!

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What I have heard - and this is not substantiated yet is that sales begin on Monday.
But like I said above, to the only way I see that happening is if they announce dates and pricing in the next day or so.
But I wanted to give a heads up to people.

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Ya I was hoping for some notice to decide if/when we wanted to go!

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This was also my hope/expectation! I just saw PP listed as 20 minutes at 11pm and 7DMT as 25. That doesn’t sound cool to me.

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From what I have seen it seems as though the wait times are similar to the Villain After Hours that were held right before Covid. The wait times were low but not walk on, which is ok but at least during those events you had a stage show and special fireworks. At least it seems they are not the crazy crowds of the parties. I can eat $50 worth of Mickey Bars and soda easy.

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