Any issues purchasing tickets through MDE?

Hi – is there any disadvantage to purchasing my park tickets through MDE? I already looked up best ticket prices here on TP and they are not cheaper elsewhere due to our short stay and the season.


Nope. It’s how most ppl do it. :smiley:

There are cases where a large group going for a long duration can save a good chunk of change, but IME I prefer to get them direct from MDE. (Especially for a small family or a short trip.)

Everything automatically linked, easier to set-up FPP & etc…

Great! Thank you. Haven’t bought tix since 2016 :scream: and several things have changed!

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Also, I think that if you are lucky and Free Dining becomes available for your stay, it requires room and tickets. I have not been so fortunate, but I am prepared just in case.