Any ideas what to do on a day we're switching hotels?

Hi all!! So we ended up booking another day at WDW!! We will be staying 5 days and 4 nights. We rented DVC points, so we were unable to add the extra day in the same hotel. So, we’re doing a split stay between Animal Kingdom Lodge (1 night) and Polynesian (3 nights).

The day we arrive, we’re going to stay at AKL and relax. The second day, we’re going to go to Animal Kingdom. My question is where to relax/take a break since we’ll be between hotels at this point. Check out of AKL by 11, and check in to Poly at 4 - so potentially 5 hours without a hotel room.

Since our little one will be 2 1/2, after lunch we’ll go back to our hotel for a break every day. We’ll spend it taking a nap, and swimming in the pool. Then, head back to the park in the evening.

My main concern is what to do on this particular day. Any suggestions?

We are going in December, so I hope that Animal Kingdom will be open later for the Rivers of Light show. My daughter & I both love animals, so I think we’ll want to spend the whole day in the park. Thanks!! :smile:

Do you have a car? If so you could drive over and check in to Poly early. They might have a room ready. That’s what I do during split stay.

We will not have a car. We’ll be using the bus & monorail to transport between parks and hotels.
I’ve read that you can check-in online to your hotel & they’ll text you when your room is ready…I could try this.
Maybe I’d be better off requesting early check-in or calling ahead of time. Have you ever been able to check in as early as noon?

Last time I checked in to BLT at 8:00, depends if any rooms are ready. That was in September middle of the week.

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Agree to try early check in.

Sounds like a good day for disney springs.

Animal Kingdom Lodge is amazing. I would spend my last morning there exploring the resort and then leave around lunch time and take the bus to MK, wait for your room text message and then take the boat to the Polynesian.


This sounds like a perfect plan!! Exactly the advice I was looking for!Thanks!!! :smile:

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