Any ideas about HS park times in December?

Just wondering if those experienced ones out there would have any guesses if Disney will likely extend park hours to compensate for TSL crowds in December? Or when do they make park hour changes known?

Updated hours usually happen between the 13th-15th of the month before. I would expect that they would be extended .

Thanks for your input! Current times are 9-8. It seems like they have been extending the times in both directions. Any ideas if this will continue? I know I am asking you to look into your crystal ball!

I am going the end of September/beginning of October. The hours are the same as of today. Watch and see what happens with those hours.


WDW prep school reported yesterday that according to a CM at HS when the 7am EMH end that they are moving to an 8am open. No clue how long that will last.

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