Any idea why AK is a CL 9 on June 17?

EP and HS are CL 7 on that day…I know AK has EMH in the morning, but I was surprised that it would be a CL 9.

Should we take advantage of the EMH at AK that day or switch to another park that is a CL 7?
I can also do AK on another day at CL 7, but no EMH.


Most likely AK has the higher CL because of mEMH. If you will actually be at AK for RD then I would go there because the benefit of mEMH will outweigh the higher crowds once everyone else is let in at regular opening. Another option is to RD AK for mEMH, and then PH to another park where you have FPP reservations for the afternoon.

Thanks - this is a tough call…I appreciate the advice.