Any idea when additional FPP will be able to be made Via iPhone?

Hoping to ditch kiosks soon - any word on a timeline for this?

Disney has not even indicated it’s something they’re planning on. Not even once. It’s an obvious and much needed improvement, but Disney has given us absolutely no reason to believe they’re going to do it.

Arg. That would be the way to finally make FPP+ like legacy FP!

It would make FPP so much easier. The kiosks are just a pain. Not so much the waiting in line to make extra choices, but the waiting for people who are asking questions of the CM’s that really aren’t needed when at the kiosk. The CMs are very nice about answering questions, but people shouldn’t be standing in front of a kiosk asking how to get to another area of the park. This is what backs up the line. IT should really work on giving people with MDE on their phones the ability to add extra FPP’s. Imagine how many fewer CMs would be needed at the kiosks!

I think a stumbling block for this change is that currently you must be in which you want to book more FPP. Is this important to Disney’s plan? If so, then allowing this on mobile apps can’t happen without integrating location services into the app. Magic bands have this functionality though. But I don’t believe they are required of guests yet?

I can understand that. Someone higher up in Guest services told me that their biggest concern was people booking FPP and then not showing up to the park to use them. So, I get that you need to have a park entered for the day to book more FPP. but, once you are in, if tickets are connected to MDE then booking the rest of the FPPs for any of the parks on your phone should not be an issue, as you have to use or cancel the 4th to get the 5th.

Location services are already enabled in the app. It knows exactly where you are. That’s not what’s keeping Disney from enabling the app to make the 4th.

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I usually turn location services off when I am away from a charger for long periods. I def did it in WDW.

I don’t see why folks not showing up is a huge issue. That can already happen with your first three. And if the FPP Is less than there are plenty if stand by folks waiting to ride. It is a puzzlement!

They see it as wasted FPP space that can never be given back. If you don’t activate your tickets, they could probably return it to the Kiosk to be given away (though I don’t know if this happens ).