Any hope for walk-up availability at the Crystal Palace?

I am typically a planner, and have always had ADRs, but have decided on a last minute trip and (of course) there is no availability for the Crystal Palace during our trip. Is there any hope at all of walking up at an off time, or should I give up now? Any advice appreciated. I had thought a surprise trip would be fun, but my son will be so sad to miss the CP.

Others can give you more updated info, but in 2012 we were able to get a reservation for pre-RD the night before (family of 4). I’m sure things have changed, but folks still seem to have luck last minute (especially within that 24-hour cancellation window).

Thank you! I was hoping to hear that. :slight_smile: I’ll keep checking a few days before our trip, and hopefully something will turn up.

Just keep checking. My last trip was last minute and I eventually got everything I wanted.

On my last trip last, I observed two parties walking up to BOG for dinner looking for a reservation. The first did not have the entire party there and was old no. The second did have everyone there and was given the table. If you are walking up to see if there is anything at the moment, I’d recommend that everyone is with you.

Thank you! I still have hope. :slight_smile: Good suggestion! I’ll make sure we’re all together when we try.

Good luck and let us know how you fared!

Thanks! If you can believe it, with the talk of extending November hours today (or yesterday), I got online tonight to see if I could get a 7DMT FPP during my stay (which I did!), so I also looked at dining. Luck was with me, and I got CP Dinner reservation. I am beyond thrilled. Still no luck with BOG, but CP was my priority. We may try walking up for BOG, and see if we have any luck, and I’ll report back on that. So excited I can’t sleep now, :smiley: I thought for sure I wouldn’t get a reservation, still can’t believe it.


Yaaaaaay! Good for you, enjoy and please take lots of pics!

Thanks! Will do. :smiley:

Reading the response by @In_Search_of_Eeyore prompted me to once again (for about the 100th time) see if I could get a 7dmt fp. SO EXCITED! Never give up.


That’s so awesome!! I’m so happy for you! :smiley:

If you aren’t in the park the day to walk up to the desk the night before you seek a RD CP reservation, can you actually call?

You can always call Disney dining. I think the information they have will be the same. I think calling the day before can yield something as people must cancel a day in advance to avoid the cancellation charge.

When is your trip? I will be cancelling a CP reservation soon.

We love CP and often have it firmly booked as an ADR. However on two occasions we’ve been at MK and flagging in the mid-afternoon sun and DW suggested we try a walk up during the parade. Both occasions worked. Not ideal as you are paying dinner prices and missing the parade but worked for us on those days. Good luck!


We are looking for CP breakfast either Wed 10/29 or Sat 11/1.

Sorry I was just able to get back on the forum today, and my ADR was for 11/2 :frowning:

No problem. I ended up paying ADR Sniper. Ahhh-mazing. Got an 8:10 CP rezzie for the day I wanted. I LOVE ADR Sniper. The bomb.