Any guesses what this will be for?

A few days ago, I saw this posted on WDWNT.

This has been built in front of the castle, just in front of the permanent stage.

It is a very odd structure. Anyone have any wild guesses as to what it might be for?

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My guess is for filming some holiday specials.

Yes, most likely for the Christmas Holiday TV shows.

My mind goes to candy chute, but I guess it’s a bit late for that!

I’m going to guess that it’ll be used for some special holiday show. I would guess with acrobats, but I think they just layed off all of those. Hmmm. Maybe they’ll use trained live mice. They could call them Mickey’s cousins. :mouse: :grin:

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Definitely looks like the beginnings of a stage for a performance. Reminds me of the stages I used to sing/dance on at festivals. My guess is the wooden parts are temporary. Whatever it is, I really hope those purple parts are slides and the artists will perform their upbeat Holiday songs and then sliiiiiiide off stage when the next act appears.



Next question. Do you think it will stick around…and if so, does it intrude on the pictures in front of the castle?

Oh wow. There are bridges. That article mentions a game show or stunt show…

Looks like it will show up in pictures.

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Those purple sections aren’t slides.
They’re partially installed launch paths awaiting compressed air cannons at the base.

Replacing the fireworks, effective December 1, surly guests wearing their masks below their noses will be launched up and over the castle.


Public executions.

Mickey’s gettin’ serious about mask etiquette.


You win today.


And like magic poof!

It’s gone


Well, okay then! I guess I don’t need to worry about that ruining our photos!

This is just as entertaining!

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OMG! They look so serious!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::money_mouth_face::crazy_face::exploding_head:

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Looks intriguing. Sadly I won’t be able to watch the premier of this because I’ll be…in Disney World! :wink:


Ahh come on you’re gonna have Disney TV :tv: in your resort room

Yes…but sadly we have an ADR at Raglan Rd. at the same time. :slight_smile:

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But what is really behind the :mask: masks ? :crazy_face: