Any Folks Here That Have Gone to Aulani?

We have a wedding in Hawaii on 10-20-2020, a Tuesday. The wedding party flies in the Saturday prior but I’m thinking about flying in the Wednesday prior and going to Aulani for a couple of days. Is two days enough to enjoy it or do you need longer?

two days isn’t a lot but it is just a resort. if you aren’t going on any excursions you will be able to check out the resort. i was there for 4 nights and surprised i could have stayed another day or two… the place just wanted to make me relax.

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Would I want more than 2 days? Absolutely. Would I take 2 days versus 0 days? Also YES. Have fun! Definitely worth it for my family. :slight_smile:

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No excursions…we’ll be doing those when the rest of the family comes in on Saturday. It’s basically chill and check out the resort.

Beach vacations aren’t really my thing but I’m figuring we’ll be there and it will probably be the only time so maybe go and check it out.

We only spent a couple of hours at a beach each day. Rest of the time was spent in one of the pools, water slides, lazy river, resort activities (storytelling, marshmallow roasting, interactive trail, character meeting, etc), and eating. We weren’t bored, but yet consider it one of the most relaxing places we’ve ever been to.

That sounds nice and 2 days beach is about all I can handle.