Any first-hand or other reliable reports from MCO?

I’m hearing good things about how WDW and UOR are responding to the COVID challenge, and how well their guests are complying.

But I’ve heard less positive news from MCO.

Anyone have any intel?

We do not…but based on what we’re hearing, we’ve told our DS and DIL that when they arrive at MCO, to basically touch nothing, keep your mask on, and try to get out as quickly as possible. They will likely be starving, based on when their flight is, so we said if you go to the food court, find the place with the least number of people, buy your food, and then take it OUTSIDE and wait for us to pick them up. They can either eat their food on a bench outside, or else eat it in the van, depending on how quickly we find them

Perhaps it is overly cautious…but rather be too cautious than not enough!


I’d tell them to skip the food court and pick up food on the way to the airport so they can eat in the van without stopping in the airport.


Friends did MCO basically over the 4th prior to the parks being open. Sounded like it was great flying down & they actually really enjoyed their resort only time, but flying back (probably on the 6th or so) sounded pretty bad. Crowded flight on Frontier, iffy mask compliance & a little kid sitting near them on the flight that the family just let crawl over MCO prior was less than great.

My impression is MCO is the weak point at getting into the “Disney Bubble”…


Any reports on Tampa? Might be worth flying there and renting a car.

I am having trouble figuring out just why people are going to WDW with the risks involved both there and at MCO. You can’t be getting anywhere near your moneys worth via flight or WDW. It truly is a puzzler.


very much in the eye of the beholder

Like $2000 martinis or impossible Whoppers.


Au, contraire. This might possibly be the best Disney trip we’ve ever had if crowds remain similar to what they are now. No Fastpasses, little planning, short waits, not having to fight to get onto high demand rides like SDD, and FOP? Super excited!


So I had originally booked tampa, but it seems like the virus counts are pretty high in that area and I’m not even sure they have mask mandates in that county. So I changed to MCO

Getting ones money’s worth is relative.
I generally never watch the parades or the fireworks, we have a young child who needs to sleep on a schedule so we’re rarely in the parks after 6 PM and we never get the dining plan.
The only thing we won’t be able to do that we normally do is character dining, but getting low crowds in exchange is fair imo. We have to wear masks everywhere at home, so that’s no different. Cleanliness and compliance is higher in Disney than here I’d wager also.
So for me, I’m totally getting my money’s worth.


I disagree. The low crowds, walk on rides with virtually no planning, make an 8 or 9 hour park day far more relaxing and enjoyable than longer park days but more crowds, planning around fast passes…this is the sweet spot to me. As capacity increases It will likely lead to less compliance with rules, more cranky guests and screaming kids, more battling of strollers and ECVs…Im loving this new normal and plan to enjoy it while it lasts!!


It was a gost town the other day, when a friend took his father to the airport.
He sent photos, that looked like they were all alone.


I’m so wishing I was there right now because it’s my dream park scenario :joy: I am hoping it’s same in September. I’m also not a parade/show person - so I don’t feel I’ll be missing anything.


same - I have a trip planned for October

The only caveat I’d add is that I think going to the bathroom (if needed) in MCO would be better/safer than using the one on the airplane. But this may also be partly driven by my avoid airplane bathrooms at all costs.

I guess a person would need to really noodle this through for themselves.

This is, by far, the “cheapest” WDW trip we will ever be taking. With the 35% off, refund of hopper plus, price protection in switching resorts (bc pofq is closed) and cheap flights (free) on points, we could never in a million years spend another 9 nights in Disney for the amount we have to pay for this. Yes, food will be oop, and experiences will be less…but I honestly feel our personal family experience will be more because we will have more time to stop and smell the roses (or as I like to say, "stop and count the Pascal’s).

It’s all relative, and perspective. Risk vs. reward. Its all personal.

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