Any feedback on Jungle Nav Co for dinner?

We always (as in every trip) eat at the Plaza…SO ANNOYED at the new plan of no reservations.

Instead we chose Jungle Navigation Co for dinner, but can’t find any reviews to speak of or anyone else that’s eaten there.

Is this going to be a disaster?

Our youngest kids are 9, so we are loathe to pay for Crystal Palace; Grandparents want to sit down and eat; plus CP was FREEZING and service terrible (so slow to bring check we almost left and characters skipped us so we had to “wait” for them to return) last time we were there.

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Was good for lunch. I had falafel and salad. Hubby had lamb. Disney always has something for picky eaters. Entertaining wait staff.

I loved the lunch I ate there. The food was delicious. It’s a much quieter and more relaxing restaurant than anywhere else in Magic Kingdom, in my opinion.

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We also really enjoyed it for lunch and one member of our party went back again after we had left! I think if your youngest is 9, that is a great age. It’s all about “Adventure”! And there is lots to look at.

I think that the menu tries to sound exotic, but it’s still fairly basic food. We shared a lot of the appetizers.

We ate dinner there in July, and liked it. Decor is very interesting, with lots of things on the walls to look at. They have three rooms, the two smaller ones are much cozier/quieter. You can ask for a specific room. We both had the Char Siu Pork, which was very good (a sweet teriyaki type of glaze), and shared a Kungaloosh! dessert. We tend to not be very adventurous with our food choices, but easily found food we liked!

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I have eaten at Jungle Nav 1x each trip for the last 2 years. Hubby requested the repeat visit this year. I had the duck noodle bowl. Very flavorful. Duck is fatty, and I should have probably ordered the chicken - but this is more personal choice and not the restaurant’s fault. DH’s steak was amazing.

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Don’t know about Jungle Nav, but don’t forget about Liberty Tree. We always love it.

The original Kungaloosh was a drink. I think I may still have the cup from the Adventurers Club.

We have only been for lunch but thought it was great. I would definitely recommend it.

I have been afraid to try it bc of a lot of mixed reviews. Might have to give it a go based on these. Also it’s the only 20% off place in MK for AP discounts.

You could stick with the Plaza, reports have been of low wait times.