Any feedback on Beach Club

I really should focus on the trip I have in Sept and not the Aug of 2019 trip, but I am trying very hard to not decide I can fit more in :slight_smile: - so planning for a different trip was needed. This one will be with my BF & his DDs 13 & 15 at time of trip.
That being said, I was going to book AoA - then I had pretty much decided to book POP, 2 adjoining rooms - but now I am thinking about Beach Club.
I have never stayed on property anywhere other than Pop, did off-site time shares before that.
Love the Disney bubble, but I whenever I price hotels I always go back to POP because I am really just using the resort to sleep.
This trip we will be having at least one resort day with probably one or two half days and will be taking breaks everyday, so the nicer resort and pool are very appealing.
I am a little concerned about the lack of space - and only one bathroom.

I have stayed at the cabins (long time ago) and most recently I have stayed at POP. I, too, have decided on Beach Club for our next trip because my family decided on pool breaks most days.

With 2 girls of that age, I would also be concerned about the # of bathrooms.

I LOVE the Disney bubble but is staying offsite an option? If not, then I’d say 2 rooms at POP are going to be the most cost effective.

I’m actually considering packing myself a separate toiletries bag and showering by the pool on my next trip because mornings in my room are NUTS!

The room at BC is bigger than the Pop room, but will only have one bathroom. Stay at BC and use the really nice bathroom off the lobby while they are in the room bathroom! You really cannot bear walking to two parks.

Does the bathroom off the lobby have a shower in it?

I know - the location of BC is divine!!

No it does not but that is why you shower at night😉

We (me, dh, dd-15, ds10…at the time) took a trip two years ago that was 2 days/1 night at UOR, a 5 night RC cruise, then 1 night at Beach Club (no WDW parks at all…it was SO difficult to be so close w/ no Mickey!).

Beach Club was lovely. We spent the afternoon and evening of our check in day at the pool (a break for lunch at B&C and dinner was over at the Pop food court). We closed down the pool after watching the fireworks over DHS from in the water!

The next morning, we checked out, packed the van, then spend the rest of the morning in the pool again. There are showers right near the pool (close to B&C I think) that were fine for us to shower and change before heading out to Sanford to catch the AutoTrain.

You may have surmised that we enjoyed the pool. :-):grinning: The lazy river was my favorite, I could have floated along all day!

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I’m a huge fan of BC but usually on a split stay to manage costs. We will split Pop and BC in November (split ASSp and BC last Oct). That being said, it’s me, DH, and DS8. More time in one room wouldn’t necessarily be relaxing with 2 teenage daughters, in my experience… I might have to go with the adjoining rooms at Pop… We found the pool at ASSp to be fun, not Stormalong Bay, of course, but manageable; I’m sure Pop will be similar. Another option might be to stay Pop and add the water parks. Lots of space to relax and hang in the lazy river or wave pool on your “resort day” or “half days”. All that said, I do LOVE BC… we’ve also used the showers at the BC pool, so that is definitely an option as well.

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There is a fitness center adjacent to the pool near B&C between BC and YC. It has a full changing area, showers, soap, towels, etc. Maybe 20 feet from pool. Have stayed several times at BC and YC. Love them both. Walk to Epcot

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Love BC. The location is amazing. The pool is fabulous for afternoon breaks or a non-park day. We are a family of 5 and have stayed in one room at BC. We were fine with the amount of space. We do tend to book just one hotel room when possible on any of our vacations.