Any Expedia experts out there?

Hi, I’ve booked Dis Springs area thru Expedia at great rates in the past. I always ASSUMED the fees they collected were the hotel fees since the math matched. This last trip I paid the fees and noticed they were Expedia “booking fees” in small print and had to pay the hotel nightly fee separately upon checkout. I should’ve just booked direct with hotel. I am now disillusioned with Expedia. Did I just not notice this in the past?

I used Expedia last year for my DH’s visit to Disney and I don’t remember there being booking fees, quite sure my DH didn’t pay any more at the hotel. Is this a new thing perhaps? Seems a bit underhand. I haven’t used them for his upcoming trip in January so haven’t encountered it.

Think there have been changes with things like tax and resort fees. Im in uk but we now have to pay any city tax or resort fees on arrival and not via 3rd party sites like Expedia. Think it might be a change in legislation or something