Any Disneyland Paris experts?

Has anyone been to DL Paris that can share experiences, tips or tricks? We are 161 days out from that trip and planning has been awesome. For DL Paris, it will be a 1 day trip, so we want to make sure to get the most out of it. This comes in the middle of our DL CA trip in December ‘18 then our WDW camping expedition in December of 2019! So excited!

Anywho…has anyone been? Thoughts?


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Good Morning!

I’m only just recently back - I went over for the Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend, and did the 36k challenge during the trip, in addition to the parks.

I would invite you to read my report from my trip over in the La Cava section of this forum - I captured a lot of my thoughts over there.

If you’re only doing a single day, my best advice for you would be to go mid-week and stay onsite the night before, get in for early entry (generally an hour and a half before regular open) and don’t be afraid to bounce around.

The hop from DLP to WDS is about twice as far as from DL to DCA, but it’s still a really easy walk. Given that you’re doing DLR and WDW both, you can easily skip both Tower of Terror and Rock 'n Roller Coaster at WDS - they’re both basically the same rides you know. Do make sure to spend some time in Toy Story Playland, and don’t miss Crush’s Coaster and the Ratatouille ride. They’re both fantastic.

Over in DLP, there is very little that’s a “perfect clone” of rides you know, most of them have some sort of a fresh twist. I happen to like the scene ordering in Pirates the best of the three I’ve done.

Lastly, don’t expect the back of the park to be open all of the way until Disney Illuminations (the nighttime show) - they will start to sequentially close things down an hour (or more) before the show, depending on crowds. That one surprised me.

Amen to this. Paris is my closest park and when I finally got to go to WDW I was so disappointed with the Pirates ride there I cancelled my future fast passes!

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@MouseGirl42 Thank you!!! Just finished reading your post, makes us even more excited. And as an LGBTQ family, even better to know of the good, and not so good parts… not that it even compares however. So glad to hear you want to go back. Will definitely look into seeing if staying at a resort hotel is in the cards for us. Would you suggest Sequoia? Even though you didn’t stay there… it would be where you would choose next time? Also sounds like no FPP system in place?

I absolutely would suggest Sequoia if you’re going to be there for a few days. I seem to have grown into preferring “moderate” level accommodations in recent years, and I would say it qualifies as moderate to upper moderate. It’s definitely where I’ll look to stay on my next trip.

There are FastPasses available for some rides, but, certainly not the majority, and they work on the old “scan your paper ticket” model, not the electronic model of FP+ like WDW or MaxPass like DLR. Honestly, I didn’t use many, though on heavier crowd days they could be useful for the headliners.

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Also download the app if you haven’t already. Wifi is spotty but if you can connect/have data it’s super helpful on wait times/temporary closures. As well as having the characters and the maps obviously :slight_smile:


Good point. I did exactly that… forgot to mention!