Any disadvantages to Express Pass?

Agreed. Although, the video sequence at the very end also doesn’t make sense. Why are they holding Harry in the “Three Cheers for Harry!” pose, all the while watching us watching them? Especially when we were just caught, and Harry should have been in big trouble for sneaking us in.

To be fair…I feel similarly toward the changes Disney did to Star Tours when they decided to intermix generations of characters!

I haven’t ridden Star Tours since the 1990s. Motion sickness. Which is another strike against FJ.

I have no plans ever to ride FJ again. Ever.

Whereas I will ride, say, F&F again. OK, it’s a bit rubbish. But it’s slightly fun. It’s worth it if there’s no queue or you have an EP.

Reading this, I’m beginning to think that @mousematt and @ryan1 are just too weak and frail to handle the awesomeness of Forbidden Journey. Which is fine by me. Less waiting for @darkmite2 and I!


I’m not weak and frail about it. I’m not like @mousematt, where something as innocuous as motion is going to do me in (unless that motion is circular in nature, over and over and over again). I actually enjoy about half of it. But then it just goes downhill…almost like they were running out of money or time to finish the ride or something. And, as I said…the ending makes NO SENSE to the story they introduce us to.

But I will ride it each and every time.

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That I will completely agree with!

Yeah… we’ve had that talk before. I have no idea why I’m being “applauded / congratulated” at the end. (I should be getting thrown out of Hogwarts for sneaking off and destroying stuff!)


Well hearing from others that didn’t like FJ, makes me want to to to Universal all the more. I was worried that all of the HP stuff was like FJ and wasn’t sure it was worth it. We rode once (in Hollywood) and all three of us decided it was not something we wanted to repeat.

@ryan1 and I are well-known for being extremely rugged and manly.

If I was only allowed to visit one “land” in Orlando, I would pick WWOHP. (I’m slightly cheating because technically it falls in two different theme parks.) It is the best single themed experience in Orlando. Bar none.

You are wise to be excited to go to UOR.