Any difference between Uber and Lyft within the World?

I have the Uber app, have never used Lyft and don’t have any interest/need in using the Minnie Van. We have a few dinner reservations at resorts. We’ll be staying at GF Thanksgiving week… Any difference between the two?

Uber and Lyft are no different in the World than any other place in the US (if Minnie Vans are out of your equation). There are drivers for both circling around. Obviously some drivers may drive for both, and having both apps may allow you to find a closer driver.

Some folks prefer one service over the other for a variety of reasons.

Clearly, if you want Minnie Van access, then you have to use the Lyft app. Minnie Van is particularly useful for visiting MK and HDDR as they can access areas off limits to Uber and Lyft.

OK thank you. That answers my question. I have only ever used Uber and was not sure if Lyft provided anything different.

The only other thing i can think of is that you can possibly get a first time user coupon for Lyft to save some money

Funny, I just got the app and loaded the coupon and it expires Sept 28!! We don’t go until Thanksgiving. Oh well. That’s what I get for being a planner I guess.