Any difference between a 10:40am & 10:50am ressie at TH, besides the obvious....10 minutes

So the ADR Finder has been really working in my favor the last few days and I have a hoard of ADR’s at TH for varying times of Breakfast, as well as a lunch at 11:00. So with that said, I really would prefer breakfast prices/food but want to do as much as I can before it gets hot. Thinking I will keep my ressies that I have after 10:30. I have heard that the wait for a table can be long. So should I keep the 10:40 or just go with the 10:50? Can I check in early, late. etc? I would love to be able to eat breakfast and sample some lunch entrees if possible. Although I am not sure I could eat all that and my daughter really wants mickey waffles so we kind of need breakfast.
I’ve never eaten at a TS so this kind of stuff is all new to me!

Thoughts, advice, general opinion??
Trip is very end of September if that matters. :slight_smile:

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I have no advice, but am interested in any answers – we have a TH ADR for 10:30am in late August for the same reasons (doing as much as possible before it gets hot and then having a break, plus wanting to have breakfast but hoping to try some of the lunch options too).

I don’t think it makes a lot of difference. I’d stick with the 10.40 probably.

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We had a 10:40 last year and cut it close to still get all the breakfast offerings. Donald was making the rounds in our room when we got sat, so they suggested we wait for him. By the time he visited with us, they were about to consolidate what was left of breakfast and bring out lunch. I think we arrived right on time for our reservation, and waited about 10 minutes to be sat.

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When we were there we left at 11.20 and could have still got a full breakfast if we wanted to. There was lunch out but the majority was breakfast. I’d have been disappointed if I’d booked an 11am lunch. But yeah that’s why I wouldn’t go for the 10.50.

There were definitely still breakfast items out, but not all of them. I was the last to go through the line as I was waiting at the table with our 15 month old while everyone else got their food. I had seen bagels when I was walking in (I rarely eat bread, but bagels are high up on my list of favorites when I do), but they were gone by the time I was getting food. The main offerings - eggs, bacon, waffles, etc. were still out in the center of the room.

I think the issue is that they don’t replenish breakfast after 11, so you don’t know what you’re going to get - it depends what other people take. So if you really want a particular item, you need to be sure to get it before 11.

I think it also depends on the time of year you go. The more crowds, the quicker they have to turn food around. That means that if the CL is low, breakfast items may still be available even at 11. If the CL is high, they may have to start putting lunch items out at 10:45.
I just went to TH last week. Our reservation was 10:25. I arrived at 10:20. They seated us at 10:23. Lunch items began showing up around 10:50.
I would keep the 10:40 but try to arrive a little earlier and hope for an early check in around 10:30-10:35 just to know you did everything you could to get those mickey waffles. Often where you are seated in the restaurant determines if you can go grab food right away. Your server will usually advise you to wait for food if a character is about to get to your table in the rotation. Goodluck!

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Our day was a CL8, they didn’t start bringing lunch out till 11.05 :woman_shrugging:

Hahaha so what I have gotten from this thread is…you never know how long the waffles will last! I would just make a point of grabbing all your MUST HAVE breakfast items asap and that way if they change over to lunch at least you have gotten the breakfast first course in.


That’s what I’ve taken from it too! Do not hesitate! Grab the waffles!!

Ok, I will probably keep the 10:40 then! And grab the waffles ASAP, LOL! I can check in a few minutes late if necessary right? I will totally still hoard these ADR’s until closer to my trip though. :wink:

Yes you can.

Anything before 11 is still breakfast, so its a lower price! The closer you get to 11 the less time the breakfast stuff will be out, but tbh when we were there in March, we had a 10:45 and there were breakfast items still available when we left 50 minutes later!

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Sorry, I stopped reading your post when you admitted that you had “hoards of ADRs at TH for various breakfast times”. No wonder others have trouble getting ressies!

Let’s not get judgemental. Remember that the res finder has picked these up for her because they were available, at what must be less than 120 days out. And lots of people’s plans are up in the air for Sept/Oct with the unexpected opening of SWGE.

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No worries! Have a great day!

I guess the word “hoard” was a trigger, but it is an issue. Hope she’ll release some ressies soon for others. It’s not personal since I have no plans on going back in the next couple of years.