Any creative ideas for Autographs

We’ve done the autograph books, a pillow case and the Disney junior encyclopedia. We are headed back in May with our DS 4.5 who loves meeting characters. Any new suggestions?

I’ve done a picture frame mat a few times.
We also have done a baseball cap.
Hoping to do canvas tennis shoes sometime.

I like the idea of shoes for her to wear later. I wonder if there would be enough space though she is only a child’s 9

I used PFD fabric (prepared for dyeing) and fabric markers to collect autographs. It helps to mark squares on the fabric so they stay within a certain area. You can cut it into smaller pieces or just have one large piece of fabric.


My absolute favorite was I found jumbo Christmas ornaments (6-8") and had characters sign them. One we took to all of the KidCOT stations and had the CMs there write a Christmas greeting in their native tongue. Most claimed they had never done this before. The other one we had Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip & Dale sign. I want to do another for princesses in the future.

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That is a neat idea. Were they clear or a color? What type of marker did you use?

Mine were a matte finish colored ball that we got from Kmart. I used a silver sharpie.

I think there would be. The characters seem really good at using space effectively.

That is amazing!!

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A picture frame would work too.

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What an awesome quilt!

Great quilt!

My wife would buy 8.5 x 11" blank books from a teacher’s supply store. The kids would decorate the covers before the trip or after it was a surprise trip. We’d have the characters autograph a page then add photos after the trip. The kids were are in their 20s now and still ask my wife to buy them for every trip.

That quilt is awesome.

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We took pictures from our previous trip ( 4 X 6 printout) and had each character sign right on the pictures. Then we put them in a larger frame. It was a nice distraction to, looking through our printed pictures each time trying to find the right characters.

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