Any CBR Preferred Room Recs?

We are staying at CBR for the first time next month. The only rooms available were Preferred, so that’s what we’ve got. I am going back and forth on whether to request Barbados or Martinique.

Are the Martinique buildings decently close to the Riviera Skyliner stop? If so, between that and being the first bus stop, plus the proximity to Riviera for bus if needed and then the obvious proximity to OPR, seems like a clear winner. Otherwise it’s painfully far from the CBR Skyliner hub and Barbados is much closer.

Barbados is also about the same distance from OPR as Martinique, but further from Riviera obv and the 3rd (or 2nd if you walk to OPR) bus stop. I’m probably way overthinking this so someone please tell me what to do :joy: If it was just me it would be one thing but DD8 is a bit of a walking wuss. We’ll be using the Skyliner and the bus probably about equally.

We stayed standard - I would say that any preferred rooms will be a bit of a hike to any Skyliner station (riviera or CBR). Google Maps says it’s a 10 minute walk from OPR to the Riviera Skyliner, so it could be less depending on your Martinique room location.

If you use the Riviera Skyliner, and are going to HS, you will have to get off at the Skyliner Hub, and then get back on to go to HS. It’s an extra line - as an FYI.

Before 10am, the bus stops at Martinique - OPR - Barbados - Trinidad and then goes to the parks.

After 10am, if you take a midday break - the bus will go Martinique - OPR - Barbados - Trinidad - Jamaica - Aruba. I would 100% go to the Riviera if I was getting a bus in the middle of the day.

It sounds like for your needs - requesting Martinique probably makes the most sense.

Oh and one more thing - if you leave HS after park close, they might not make you take the EPCOT Skyliner over to the Riviera. There were often signs saying that you couldn’t board - so you would need to be prepared to walk back to your room at the end of the night, regardless.

(I never tested this, so maybe they do let you do this, but there were signs saying that you couldn’t)

I’m going to keep checking to see if a Standard room opens up as I would rather have that, but it is what it is. I do think Preferred will be better for the bus and then for OPR obv so maybe it’s kind of a wash either way. Martinique to Riviera looks kind of far on the map because of the way the path goes around the lake. I also have heard that they’ve started refurbing in Martinique - building 24 apparently.

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I think that’s the thing people complain about the most with CBR - it is so spread out that you can be close to one thing but far away from another thing.

It might be worth looking at POFQ as well.

I know, I wish they would have put the Riviera Skyliner hub closer to the CBR preferred rooms, then they’d really be preferred! (Though I know people like being able to book a Standard room and be close to the Skyliner too!)

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