Anticipating HS hours change

So far May opening time at HS still stands at 9 am. My HS days TP is SET. (I even purchased CL FPs)
But Ha! I’m still stalking and waiting for the opening time change to come and throw me into a little whirlwind. For May, when would you expect that to be announced?

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We’re heading out in mid-April, so I’m trying to keep tabs on this same thing. Looking at their calendar, HS has 8am openings only up to the week of March 8th. The week of March 15th is all 9am openings. Not sure if these March dates will even get updated, but if so it would be inside three weeks to go.

We’re in the same boat in late March. Hoping it does get moved to 8am… I can only imagine 9am HS crowds being worse than now. I’d love a 7am start though.

We went at the end of January. I was all set for 8am openings, and then they changed them to 7am like a week out. They seem to be really waiting to make the final decision.

Often changes to park hours for one month are announced from the middle of the previous month.

That is the “regular” practice, but they can and do change hours up to and including the same day, although that tends to be for the peak times or exceptional circumstances.

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I’m assuming the same thing for our early April dates. Seems like Disney has been making these park hour changes relatively close to the dates (there was even a same day hour change last week! extending hours later at night though, not earlier).

Currently our two HS mornings have a 9am open, based on this week I’m assuming it will be 8am, not 7am. If it’s a 7am start, my family may revolt.

I’ve warned my family we may need to be there for a 7:00 am opening, but realistically I think it will be 8:00. I hope it isn’t 9:00, because I think too many people are willing to get up early enough to be there at opening when it opens at 9:00. For a 7:00 opening, I think you have the hardcore folks, and an 8:00 opening, you still have enough hesitancy. But 9:00? You get the folks showing up who don’t even really care much about ROTR!

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I think some hours changes maybe held until MMRR opening too. WDW might not even know if March and April will be 7 or 8. Will be interesting to see what MMRR does to crowds - both drawing people in and spreading people out.

I would still consider HS to be so much in flux that I wouldn’t count on past patterns being accurate. But you can check the historical hours on TP for several years back.

I’m starting to get worried. I really hope my DHS day (CL10!!) gets shifted to at least an 8am open. They should be running 7-9 at least every day.

What’s your date?


My bet would be start of March or right after MMRR opening is when they’ll do it. I figure for March and April they are still deciding between 7&8